DigitSole Brings Warmth and Wearables to Your Feet

Everyone knew CES 2016 was going to be focused on wearable technology, but I doubt anyone could have imagined something like DigitSoles. They make smartphone controlled shoes and insoles that track your steps, adjust the fit, and even warm your feet!

DigitSole Brings Warmth and Wearables to Your Feet

The idea of a shoe with a built in pedometer actually makes sense; you get a very accurate reading, and you don’t have to worry about swapping your device from shoe to shoe. It does seem a bit silly to add smartphone-controlled warming to it, but that certainly makes DigitSole stand out! And all joking aside, it’s a concept that could have potential for medical use, especially for people with nerve issues or diabetes where circulation and warmth are of utmost importance.

DigitSole Brings Warmth and Wearables to Your Feet

However, you better hope you are really gentle on your shoes, because a connected shoe is not cheap. MSRP on the SmartShoe is a jaw-dropping $450. For a shoe you have to charge. But it comes with a built in flashlight! Plus the company plans to expand into pumps as well, so you can be dressed to the nines and still be toasty warm while hitting your 10,000 steps.

If the price of an iPad is too steep for you for a pair of shoes, DigitSoles is also releasing connected insoles, which they aim to sell for $79. No flashlight, though.

If you’re looking to stay warm this winter while tracking exactly how many miles you walked uphill in the snow, check out DigitSoles!

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