The Fasetto Link Puts 2TB of Media In Your Pocket

One product that REALLY impressed me so far in CES hasn’t been talked about much but I’m pretty sure that it will in the next few days.



The Falsetto Link is a 2-terabyte cloud storage hub created by Luke Malpass, with whom I had the opportunity to meet to discuss the LINK, which essentially puts storage in your pocket that’s so lightweight that you’ll actually forget it’s there. Imagine a cloud storage system that not only has a wireless Solid State Drive with it’s own operating system and offline streaming capabilities, but it’s just a beauty in it’s own right. Press-06-1600x900px

The Link allows the user to store and access your videos, music and and photos on the go regardless of which device you use, Android or Apple. A new design after their wearable attempt last year, it’s more simplified design gives you the ability to transfer all types of content without ever needing to connect to a wireless network or using up your data package.

“Our digital content means everything to us – it’s our memories, our keepsakes and entertainment. We want to revolutionize the way it’s accessed and experienced,” said Coy Christmas, co-founder and CEO at Fasetto. “It starts with removing the barriers: wireless dependence, SD cards, storage limits and platform restrictions. And with that, we’re making sure that all the content people capture and create is right there at their fingertips, accessible in an instant no matter where they are or what they’re doing.”


Able to connect to up to twenty different devices and stream from upwards of seven of those simultaneously at a 1900 Mbps rate, the allergen free, UV resistant, and WATERPROOF (up to 45 feet) storage device will be available commercially in the fourth quarter of the year. For more information feel free to check out Fasetto’s site today.

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