Raumfeld Adds Support for Google Cast and Soundcloud

Raumfeld, a company founded in 2008 in Berlin by two audiophiles, is finally releasing an update to their speakers, featuring two of some of the biggest companies for audio streaming.

Announced today at CES, Raumfeld will actually support Google Cast and Soundcloud in April of 2016 for their wireless speaker systems. This includes the One S, M, and even their Stereo Cubes. The best thing about this is that since you’ll be able to connect to Google Audio services such as Tidal, TuneIn, Last.Fm, and Spotify through your smartphone or tablet.

The speaker themselves are competitively priced so you won’t have to break your piggy bank in order to afford them. Accompanied with the Raumfield app for iOS and Android devices, you could easily control your media streams through it’s intuitive interface. Another bonus? Raumfield has a “Multi-Room” feature that can send a host of streams to any number of rooms.

With the Soundcloud integration being available on February 1st (which happens to be my birthday for those who care), and the Google Audio support available in April, this is a a great alternative to Sonos.

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