Portable Mixing Meets Multi-Camera Livestreams with the Roland VR-1HD

Portable Mixing Meets Multi-Camera Livestreams with the Roland VR-1HD

With the solid audio and video quality of modern smartphones, there isn’t much else anyone needs to stream live … unless you want multiple cameras and true professional quality. Enter the Roland VR-1HD, a mixer for dynamic multi-camera broadcasting to bring your live streaming videos to life.

Designed for content creators who want to provide video and sound that outperforms smartphones or webcams, the VR-1HD will be available in Q2 2019 at Roland retail partners.

From the press release:

Connect, switch and stream cameras, presentations, game play, smartphones and tablets with VR-1HD’s “worry-free” HDMI inputs. Each of the three inputs accepts HD and computer video resolutions for audio that can be easily mixed with two-studio quality XLR microphone inputs and line input. The mixer allows users to go hands-free and headset-free while live streaming with a top mounted mic input, so creators can use a goose neck microphone and easily operate the VR-1HD with dedicated controls.

VR-1HD’s video editing software provides users with its Scene Switching functionality, allowing them to instantly switch between ‘scenes’ with effortless transitions for a professional finish. The mixer lets creators preset up to five scenes that they can later use while live streaming videos and performances.

Portable Mixing Meets Multi-Camera Livestreams with the Roland VR-1HD

Some of the coolest new features are the auto switching technologies, allowing you to set things up in advance to minimize the need to interact with the hardware during a performance – meaning you can focus on creating the content!

• Video Follows Audio: Provides users with the capability to switch cameras based on who is speaking into the microphone. If both participants speak, or remain silent at once, the VR-1HD can switch to a wide shot capturing both performers.
• Beat Sync Switching: Listens to the tempo of a performance and automatically selects which camera inputs to switch between.
• Auto Scan: Best used for extended live streams with no operators, Auto Scan gives users the ability to pre-set a specific time for switching between sources.
Users can take advantage of preset sound effects, jingles and theme songs and more assignable to Audio Effects buttons, to play during a video or performance.

Here are just some of the VR-1HD Features:

• Three HDMI inputs that accept HD and computer video resolutions
• Two-studio quality XLR microphone inputs and line input
• Mic input for a goose neck microphone making it easy for hands-free and headset-free
• Scene switching functionality, with five pre-set scenes that can be included in any live
• Audio Effects functionality allows sound effects, jingles and theme songs in
• Auto Switching modes make it easy to put on a one-person show
• Functions as its own audio engineer with automatic mixing functions and built-in
“equalizers”, “gates” and “compressors” to balance out changes in volume when
speaking or singing to ensure professional sound performance
• Voice Changer effect from Roland’s VT series of Voice Transformers can instantly
transform any performer’s sound
• Stream performances and presentations easily through a computer’s USB 3.0 ports

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