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Announced today at CES, the eBlocker is a completely new and innovative way to reclaim your internet privacy!

The eBlocker and eBlocker Pro are two products now being featured on Kickstarter that allow you to combat unauthorized consumer data collection and ad blocking while browsing online.

“The internet has evolved into mass surveillance, and most people have no idea how much data is collected without their knowledge and then used against them,” said Christian Bennefeld, founder, eBlocker. “User profiles employed by third parties can result in you paying more for goods, flights, hotels and can even influence insurance rates and home loans. We strongly believe that a user should know who is collecting this data, and be able to stop it if they desire.”

eBlocker Pro is a device that’s simple to setup in your home, and includes no other software or user interaction. You simply just plug it in and it does all of the work for you. After this it hides your IP address and stops all trackers, blocks all ads, and lets you surf anonymously (which I’m an advocate of). The product also works with shared devices such as family tablets.

Launching on Kickstarter on January 20th for $99 and $124 respectively (with one year of updates including in the initial purchase), there will also be a Kickstarter special for the eBlocker Family Timeline which includes lifetime updates for only $299. For more information, head over to eBlocker today!

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