CES 2016 Is a GO with Withings New Activity Tracker

Seems as if Withings is wasting NO time getting out ahead of the competition for CES week as they’ve already released ANOTHER product that will for sure make you keep certain resolutions you made in 2015 stick in the New Year.

CES 2016 Is a GO with Withings New Activity Tracker

Today the company announced the Withings Go, which is an automatic activity and sleep tracker. At a modest price of $69, the Withings Go is easily one of the more versatile activity trackers out there on the market today.

CES 2016 Is a GO with Withings New Activity Tracker

With it’s always-on E Ink multiscreen display and the ability to automatically track steps, distance, running, swimming on TOP of sleep features, you’re already receiving more in one product. With the display always being on, you might wonder how long a battery would last with an always on tracker, but rest assured, the Information on the Withings Go is ALWAYS available, even in bright sunlight or even in WATER courtesy of the screen’s 88 graphic segments that transform at a simple touch to create different displays for different situations. And with a low power requirement, the Go can easily last you eight months on a single charge.

Available in five colors (black, blue, green, red, and yellow), you can coordinate with your athletic wear or just overall preference to suit your social settings. You can even expand the Go with trackers like the Activite lines.

For more information head over to Withings today!

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