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Have you ever wanted more privacy for your smartphone and desktop computers? Well you’re in luck, because this week at Pepcom I found a new tech privacy company that surprised me in a major way!

Privoro is a new tech company that’s entire premise is giving the consumer the ability to take their security into their own hands. You’d be surprised how much of your privacy has been invaded, and even though you might feel secure by turning off your network and location, chances are, you’re still being tracked. That’s where Privoro comes into play. They’ve announced two devices that are specifically designed to safeguard your personal and professional privacy while allowing you to enable information security on your devices. The company understands that your sensitive information can easily be compromised, so why not take better care of it?

I had the pleasure of talking to Mike Fong, the Founder of Privoro, and this is a product that he didn’t just create for the world, but for himself as well. The two year journey for him was a long one that he stuck to because he truly believed this is a product that will protect against real-world security threats. Especially with CES’s tightened security policies, Privoro comes at a time where protection matters in a major way, even here.

“I began this journey when I realized the vulnerabilities of smartphones. Many of the most common apps on the market today request access to your camera, microphone or location. The rise in digital assistants like Siri and Cortana is helpful, but many people may not be comfortable with their listening capabilities. When I started looking into information security, I found some software solutions, but no easy-to- integrate and highly secure hardware solutions.”

The privacy guard for smartphones is made of two components. A case and a cover. The two-component system forms a virtually impenetrable Faraday cage that will make your phone undetectable from cell towers, Wi-Fi hotspots, and other RF technologies that are allowed access by your phone.

The easy to use form factor will deliver 110+ dB levels of RF protection against location tracking and RF hacking. I’ve had an opportunity to witness it myself, and as a fan of the film Enemy Against The State, I can comfortably say the technology in that movie was 10 years behind, which is not the case with Privoro as they’ve been working with consumers, businesses, law enforcement, and government organizations to create the software that will provide the highest level of protection you’ll ever find. Available for the iPhone 6/6s later this quarter for $999, there is also an iMac version which will sell for under $499.

If you’d like to find out more information, please visit Privoro today!

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