The Bezalel Latitude Is the Most Innovative Case for Your iPhone

One thing that I’ve always wanted as an iPhone user is the ability to charge my device wirelessly. Lets be honest my fellow Apple device users.. we envy certain Android devices that have this capability.

That’s where BEZALEL comes into play. The Bezalel Latitude is a one of a kind gadget. if you’re familiar with battery cases, you probably dread having to use a micro-USB cable to charge your device, and always wondered “why not just include a lightning cable charging option in the first place?” A problem that had yet to have a solution finally receives one with the Latitude here at CES.

A successful Kickstarter program ready for the public later this quarter, the Bezalel Latitude is a wireless charging case that fits around your iPhone, leaving just enough space for headphones through the exposed headset jack, which I personally love.

Since Apple released their terrible rendition of an iPhone 6 charger, plenty of customers are looking for a better, sleeker alternative. The Bezalel is just that! It includes a tiny Lightning cable that remains plugged into the iPhone at all times!

Available for the iPhone, the Latitude includes not only PMA, but Qi technology as well. So you can use any form of private or public chargers. So when you go to Starbucks for that coffee, or if there’s a wireless charge option at your favorite airport, even one of the newest car models that support the wireless charging feature are able to be used by the Bezalel Latitude. Available in white of black for the iPhone 6s ($49.95) and iPhone 6s Plus ($59.90), I can personally tell you I already have one waiting to be shipped for me and I’m getting anxious! If you’d like more information you can pre-order today by checking out their site!

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