The HeyJoe Coffee Mug Got Me Through CES

If you’re a coffee drinker like myself, you know the struggle of waking up in the morning, creating your own brew, and even worse, finding that mug of cup that will keep that House Blend warm as you go on your daily commute.

The HeyJoe Coffee Mug Got Me Through CES

Well over the course of CES, as well as a few weeks prior to that, I had the pleasure of reviewing the HeyJoe Coffee Mug which solves a lot of problems we all have throughout the morning. Originally a Kickstarter that has since been in full production, the HeyJoe Coffee Mug is the first coffee mug to actually allow the user to brew their coffee while on the go. Sure there are products like Keurigs, and if you’re old fashioned and still use the stove to brew, you need to get yourself the HeyJoe.

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The premise of the HeyJoe is simple. You add the coffee pod into the HeyJoe Mug, add a little bit of water into the mix as well, and you press power, and you’ll have coffee in an instant. This came in handy as I would jump into my Uber every morning while rushing over to the CES convention center and didn’t have an opportunity to stop over at the local coffee shop. Which is actually a good thing because that same coffee I would’ve purchased for $6.19 at Starbucks, HeyJoe actually supplies a better specially brewed, self made product which they are now sending with their preorder special with a month supply of “HeyJoe Coffee” ($19.99 value) but if you get the Preorder, you get both the coffee and the HeyJoe for $99.99.

The HeyJoe Coffee Mug Got Me Through CES

I personally suggest hand washing as well. Do not place in dishwasher.

HeyJoe’s setup is seamless and mess free. Each HeyJoe cup is approximately 10 fl. ounces, and only takes about 4-5 minutes to brew. The package of the HeyJoe comes with the Coffee Mug itself and the detachable yet rechargeable battery and it’s charging cable. Inside of the HeyJoe is similar to those airpots you see in your favorite coffee shop, which keeps the coffee itself hot. The stainless steel interior of the HeyJoe promises to keep your coffee hot for hours. But it’s more than just the coffee for HeyJoe as the company itself is all about the environment as well.

The HeyJoe Coffee Mug Got Me Through CES

Unlike most companies that use K-Cups which are harmful to the environment, HeyJoe’s pods are recyclable, and their smaller more eco-friendly alternative is attempting to make for a greener planet. I had an opportunity to ask Jordan Warren of Hey Joe Coffee a few questions regarding the product, and it’s impact on a market that has lacked innovation and a way to keep that grounded brown that “doesn’t get you down” hot!

GearDiary: What was your sole inspiration for the Hey Joe coffee products?

Jordan: K-Cups are contributing an unbelievable amount of waste to the environment. 80 Billion K Cups in landfills around the globe and 11 billion more produced every year. The single serve coffee space, or convenient coffee space, needs an environmental solution. That is our driving force right now. Plus, how awesome is it to be able to brew coffee anywhere anytime? It is a brand new product, that offers a much higher level of convenience while simultaneously providing a solution to a global problem!

GearDiary: What made you decide to not go the way of allowing customers to insert their own coffee into a specialized empty pod made for Hey Joe (resemblant to empty K Cups), versus the current method?

Jordan: No plastic! That was the major thing. How can we make this out of paper? 100% bio-degradable? So we came to the conclusion that pre-filtered coffee with the vessel pre-designated was the best way to ensure that our customers are a part of the solution! Plus, we take pride in our coffee. I believe it tastes excellent and is custom blended to work optimally in a GoJoe Coffee mug.

GearDiary: Will there be any special editions or custom colors in the future for the Hey Joe Coffee cup?

Jordan: There is a lot in store for Hey Joe Coffee ; )

GearDiary: It is said that coffee is best brewed at 200 degrees in order to fully submerse the coffee grounds, so what made you guys decide to make the option of 140 degrees inside of your mugs?

Jordan: Our current mugs actually reach almost 190F with the current improvements we’ve made : ) It makes for a fantastic cup of coffee. The sample you were sent has the old battery. All future shipments of our upgraded version will have a new battery with upgraded technology.

GearDiary: With the coffee brewing at temperatures over 140 degrees, is there any difference in the quality of the Hey Joe versus the brick and mortar way of brewing say, on a stovetop?

Jordan: We give the user the option to brew at 160F or 190F. The difference in quality is really not discernible. The main difference is whether or not you want to be able to drink your coffee right away, or brew it at an optimal temperature and drink right away.

GearDiary: After daily use, about how long do you suggest using the coffee insertion before purchasing a new one?

Jordan: Do you mean the stainless steel insert? Should be good for the life of the product.

GearDiary: With Christmas right around the corner do you have plans on getting the product inside of stores, including department stores?

Jordan: Absolutely ; )

GearDiary: Do you recommend a particular way of cleaning the Hey Joe, especially over time?

Jordan: I like to clean mine by filling it up with soap and water and running through a brew cycle and gently swirling. It’s kind of like a small dishwasher!

The HeyJoe Coffee Mug Got Me Through CES

Overall the HeyJoe is a product that I’ve grown to appreciate, especially here at CES. I’ve skipped quite a few snack and coffee booths by simply just walking over to the napkin arrangement to get myself a few Splenda, and that’s that. If you’re a fan of coffee, but even more of a fan of saving yourself money, I think you should check out the HeyJoe Coffee Mug today for $99. You can pre-order it today here!

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