Free Yourself from the Bluetooth Collar with Jaybird Freedom Headphones!

You’ve probably tried out bluetooth headphones that either have a collar, or sit over your ear before right? While that might seem practical, but when you’re in the gym, or even casually walking, they bounce around and still don’t solve the problem that plagues bluetooth headphone users.

Free Yourself from the Bluetooth Collar with Jaybird Freedom Headphones!

If you’re tired of that problem, you need to be checking out the Jaybird Freedoms. You’ve probably seen them in Best Buy or your favorite electronic shop and they probably have them. But after the announcement they made at CES 2016, I had the opportunity to try them on for size and put them through the paces, and if you’ve ever tried on the X2’s you’ll be amazed by the JayBird Freedoms.

Designed with folks who live an active lifestyle in mind, the Freedoms are certainly where style meets functionality. The design itself is similar to the X2, but at a fraction of the size as they’ve managed to make the product lighter so you barely realize that they are on your ears. What’s more, the headphones come with a set of silicone and comply tips so you’ll never have to deal with them slipping out of your ear. I personally have gone through many headphones in the gym that are functional, but the moment you sweat or move your head in a certain direction, the buds get sweaty and slip out. Not the case with JayBird.

I had the opportunity to sit down with the CMO of Jaybird, Rene Oehleking and had him explain the headphones in full detail: 

So as you can see, the Jaybird Freedoms are just incredible and I know I personally cannot wait to use them. But the headphones combined with the app is amazing. Imagine the possibilities. If Beyonce releases a new track, and decides she wants users to hear certain songs the way she intended it to be heard. Now with the Jaybird app, she can essentially fix everything from the bass, to the kids in extreme detail, and share with the Jaybird community. I don’t know of another company that actually thought this far. Sure they have “artist playlists”, but the idea of hearing the music how it SHOULD be, is perfect.

Free Yourself from the Bluetooth Collar with Jaybird Freedom Headphones!

And for those of you wondering about the X3, there’s no price currently available on it, but I can tell you that it will be compatible with the Jaybird audio app, and you should be too. We’ve had our music compromised for years, with streaming audio quality not being actual CD quality, and bluetooth headphone companies essentially making you pay a premium price just off the name without the actual quality where it counts, I can tell you that Jaybird has a proven track record of great products that last years.

If you’d like to receive more information regarding the Jaybird Freedoms you can check out Jaybird’s site today!

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