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May 8, 2013 • News

Waterfield SFBags Has Your Samsung GALAXY S4 Covered!

Waterfield SFBags Samsung GALAXY S4

Whenever I get a new device I always jumped over to the Waterfield SF bag website to see what the company might have to protect it. Waterfield cases, pouches and bags are high-quality, well designed accessories that promise to protect your device for its life and beyond. I can honestly say that I have used/currently use a Waterfield product with every device I own. And while I don’t have a Samsung GALAXY S4 (yet…) I know many of you do and if you are looking for a stylish way to protect the new Samsung super phone you’ll want to check out Waterfield’s initial offerings. In addition to all being affordable each of these new cases for Samsung’s latest and greatest smartphone has the added benefit of protecting and cleaning the phone’s screen each time you put it in or take it out.

Waterfield Suede Jacket

Waterfield SFBags Samsung GALAXY S4

There’s the Waterfield Suede Jacket. The Suede Jacket is a minimalist line of case protection for the Samsung GALAXY S 4, as well as pretty much any device you can imagine, that protects your device inside a soft suede envelope. Scratch and minor bump protection doesn’t get any simpler than this pouch which is available in a variety of patterns. If you want to be able to throw your phone in your pocket or bag — and know it won’t be scratched up — this is a great way to do. The Suede Jacket comes in two versions, one which is simply a pouch, and the other which includes a stretch mesh pocket on one side for a few credit cards or keys. That allows the suede jacket to double as a minimalist wallet. It runs $10- $14. Check out this video of it in action …

Waterfield Smart Case

Waterfield SFBags Samsung GALAXY S4

If you are looking for something a bit more substantial, then you will want to check out Waterfield’s Smart Case for the S4. It provides protection without becoming a huge bulky mass, and it will help ensure that the beautiful screen on the phone remains pristine. It’s a combination of leather and nylon, and there are a few different color combinations available; each has an outside pocket that allows you to stow a few items. The Waterfield Smart Case is $39.

Waterfield Hint

Waterfield SFBags Samsung GALAXY S4

Finally, there is the $25 Waterfield Hint for the Samsung GALAXY S4. This is an updated version of the Hint, and it allows you to not only protect the phone but to also use the screen right through the protective touch material on one side. It even doubles as a wallet, so you can grab one item and know that you have your credit cards, license, some cash and a pocket computer with you at all times.

Mitchell will have a review ready shortly; in the meantime you can see more details and order yours here, on the Waterfield website.

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