The SKEYE Hexa Drone is a Hex of a Good Time!

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The SKEYE Hexa Drone is a Hex of a Good Time! Listen to this article

The SKEYE Hexa Drone is the latest flying gadget from our friends at TRNDlabs. Forgoing the typical four-propeller design, the Hexa Drone has a six-propeller array that’s completely ready to go straight out of the box. The additional two propellers give the drone more stability in the air. The SKEYE Hexa Drone comes ready to fly for $59!

The SKEYE Hexa Drone is a Hex of a Good Time!

The SKEYE Hexa Drone comes with a small controller that requires three AAA batteries to get flying. The controller has three levels of adjustments depending on your pilot skill level: beginners, mid-level users, and experts. The six-axis flight control is designed to give you great total control over the drone while it’s in the air and you can also adjust the sensitivity of the gyro control.

The SKEYE Hexa Drone is a Hex of a Good Time!

With the Hexa Drone controller, you can also perform fun 360-flips and maneuvers simply and easily with the touch of a button. The controller has a 50-meter range, so you can fly the Hexa Drone up to about 150 feet away from you. The Hexa Drone has a 260 mAh rechargeable battery inside the drone that will provide about 8 minutes of flying time. The battery is non-removable and is recharged using an included USB charging cable.

The SKEYE Hexa Drone is a Hex of a Good Time!

With an orange and white color scheme that’s very similar to the SKEYE Mini Drone that I previously reviewed, the SKEYE Hexa Drone is a sleek looking aircraft. Unlike the SKEYE Mini Drone, however, the Hexa Drone does not come with a built-in camera. The Hexa Drone does have LED lights on the underside of the hull, allowing you to see it in the dark. Another advantage to the LED lights is that there are contrasting colored lights that signify the direction of the “front” of the drone for control purposes.

The SKEYE Hexa Drone is a Hex of a Good Time!

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The SKEYE Hexa Drone comes with propeller guards for each of the six propellers, making indoor flight much less scary because you don’t have to worry about anyone getting hurt. You’ll still have to worry about knocking things over, however! The Hexa Drone also comes with six replacement propellers in case you get a little over zealous in your flying.

The SKEYE Hexa Drone is a Hex of a Good Time!

The Hexa Drone weighs only 1.06 ounces and measures approximately 5 inches by 5 inches. Each propeller measures only 1 3/8″ in total.

As is the case with any of these small, lightweight drones, my experience with the SKEYE Hexa Drone was that it was very difficult to fly without a lot of practice. This type of drone is especially difficult if you’re trying to fly them outdoors where there might be a slight breeze. Once I got the hang of it, it became a lot more fun as I was able to control the flight path a lot more than I was able to at the beginning. The controller also allowed me to do exciting 360-degree flips with the ease of one button push.

The SKEYE Hexa Drone is a Hex of a Good Time!

If you’re looking for a fun, inexpensive drone to fly indoors, the SKEYE Hexa Drone is a great drone to buy. You can purchase the SKEYE Hexa Drone directly from TRNDlabs at their website!

Source: The SKEYE Hexa Drone was a manufacturer supplied review unit.

What I Like: Nice sleek design; Propeller guards help avoid injury; Small size is good for indoor play; Ready to fly out of the box.

What Needs Improvement: Light weight and small propellers make for difficult maneuvering; Battery allows for short flight time.

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