Beyzacases Maly for iPhone 6S Review: One Classy Hard Case

If you are looking for a hard shell case that has a bit more class than your typical hard shell case, look no further than the Beyzacases Maly for iPhone 6S. This case takes a shell-style case and dresses it up with a sheet of quality Beyzacases leather floating on the back. And at just over $30 it’s a bargain!

The Maly is a great compromise between a fully leather, and surprisingly pricey case and a simple, boring shell. As Beyzacases explains:

The hard shell dressed with genuine floater leather combined in this thin and form fitting design. The soft touch surface finishing personalize the sleek design. Convenient camera opening promises an effective light capturing for lens while led flash can serve with full capacity. Direct access to the device features are available.

The case is available in four rich colors and, of course, the leather insert matches the color of the hardshell.

As previously mentioned, the iPhone clicks into the case with ease in the same manner as it would with any open, hardshell case. Once inside, you get full, unobstructed access to the screen. And while the case does come up and over the sides of the phone- after all that’s how the case stays on the device in the first place- the curved nature of the screen means you don’t get any lay-on-the-table protection. If you are prone to cracking your screen that is going to be a problem.


The back has a generous cutout for the camera, microphone, and flash. The leather insert is “floated” within  raised edge of the hardshell material. The leather is beautiful, tanned, pristinely inlayed, and it has a nice, pebble texture to it. The addition of the leather not only adds to the visual appeal of the case, but it also adds to the ease with which you can get, and keep, a grip on the phone. Many shell cases are a bit slippery and difficult to hold. Not this case.


The cutout for the mute toggle is just large enough. If you have fat fingers you may find activating it a bit of a challenge. I had no such issue but did find that it worked best when I used my fingernail.

The volume buttons are covered by the hardshell material. In order to give you full and reliable access to the volume controls the material is cut on three sides and a covering is “floated” above the actual button.


The same holds true for the power button!


The case covers the corners with the same hard material and gives you some degree of protection. The entire bottom, as well as the top, is left fully exposed. That results in a nice visual appeal and creates the illusion of an even thinner case but does mean more of the actual phone is exposed and vulnerable.


Here’s a look at the case on camera.

I like simple shell cases and really appreciate the way this case dresses it up. And it isn’t just the visual appeal that benefits from the addition of the leather. No, thanks to the textured Beyzacases leather the case also feel great in the hand! No, this won’t give you serious protection but if are looking to dress of you iPhone and want sctatch protection it is definitely worth a look. You can check it out here.

Get it here for $30. [Affiliate Link]

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Thin and light; Goes on easily and stays put; Available in four colors; Adds the luxury of leather

What Needs Improvement: Doesn’t protect the screen; Adds fairly minimal drop protection

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