IllumiBowl Takes the Guesswork out of Nighttime Bathroom Visits

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IllumiBowl Takes the Guesswork out of Nighttime Bathroom Visits Listen to this article

Have you found that it’s pretty jarring to deal with bright overhead bathroom lights when you get up in the middle of the night to relieve yourself? Bright lights can wreck our sleep ability and cause health issues, it’s proven, but you still need to be able to see where you’re going and what you’re doing.

That’s where the IllumiBowl comes in. Handy not just for adults who don’t want to wreck their melatonin levels but also for toddler potty training, the IllumiBowl lights the way for those late night or early morning potty runs.

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The Illumibowl is a small plastic gadget that fastens over the rim of the toilet under the seat.

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It’s light-sensitive and motion activated, so it will only come on at night, and only when you’ve walked into the bathroom. Suction cups hold it firmly in place when it’s in use, and it’s easy to remove for toilet cleaning.

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Here are the basic instructions …

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4

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It takes three AAA batteries to power the IllumiBowl; they aren’t included.

Here’s the IllumiBowl, as it’s installed in my bathroom.

It’s suction cups and adjustable arm allow you to custom fit it to your toilet so that it will fit perfect and discreetly out of the way on your toilet no matter its shape or size. To clean off your illumibowl simply wipe it off with wet wipes, a damp cloth, or whatever you already use to clean off your outer bowl. Pee happy! Pee safe! Pee Free!

And as the instructions mention, you can set the IllumiBowl to whichever color you’d like (I suggest red for the least sleep disruption) or you can set it to color rotate — whee, it’s a potty party! 😉

All joking aside, I have found the IllumiBowl to be a great addition to the bathroom. Being able to find my way to the toilet without turning on any overhead lights has helped me to get back to sleep with the least interruptions, and I see this as an affordable, easy to clean, solution.

The IllumiBowl retails for $24.99 (on sale for $19.99 now), and it is available directly from the manufacturer or from Amazon [affiliate link]

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Non-sleep-disruptive toilet illumination; Easy to install; Easy to clean

What Needs Improvement: Batteries not included

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