Incipio [Performance] Series Level 3 Dual Layered Drop Protection For iPhone 6/6S

We looked at the Incipio [Performance] Series Level 1 and 2 cases the other day. They offer thin, light protection for your iPhone 6. For those who want a balance of more protection without too much bulk, there is the middle-ground of the series: the Incipio [Performance] Series Level 3 Dual Layered Drop Protection For iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S.

The Leven 3 case is more protective than its relatively thin and light design would suggest. As Incipio explains:

With tri-molded material engineered into one piece, the [Performance] Series Level 3 Case for iPhone 6/6s offers reliable protection against harsh drops and bumps. The hard shell back provides solid defense, while the integrated bumper absorbs the impact of a tumble or collision. For rugged users seeking powerful drop protection in a sleek frame, the [Performance] Series Level 3 case is the solution.

Available in four colors the case has an MSRP of under $40. Check them all out!

The case has a familiar design when compared to the other cases in the series.

Incipio [Performance] Series Level 3 Dual Layered Drop Protection For iPhone 6/6S

The back has the Incipio name and a raised ridge around the perimeter that adds to the degree of protection you get. The camera, microphone, and flash have a plentiful opening that isn’t larger than it needs to be. The angular design adds to the visual interest.

Incipio [Performance] Series Level 3 Dual Layered Drop Protection For iPhone 6/6S

When inside the case the phone has plenty of lay-on-the-table protection while still allowing full access to the screen.

Incipio [Performance] Series Level 3 Dual Layered Drop Protection For iPhone 6/6S

The side buttons are covered but clearly indicated and function without issue. The ridge running around the sides of the case is a bit more pronounced than the one on the Level 1 and 2 but still not obtrusive. The fact that it has a different color than the main portion of the case makes it a little more visually striking than it would otherwise be.

Incipio [Performance] Series Level 3 Dual Layered Drop Protection For iPhone 6/6S

The bottom cutouts give full access to the speaker, microphone, Lightning connector, and 3.5mm headphone jack. The fact that they are covered except where they need to be open adds to the protection the case offers. The Lightning connector opening is large enough for most cables but won’t work with all of them. If you use a cable or accessory that is particularly thick around the Lightning Connector you may be out of luck and will want to look elsewhere.

The case features include:

  • Scratch resistant polycarbonate shell provides critical protection at impact
  • Tri-mold design provides supreme shock absorption
  • Protective inner lining cushions device on impact
  • Impact ridge bumper provides military grade protection while adding style to the design

Here’s our video look at the Incipio [Performance] Series Level 3 Dual Layered Drop Protection For iPhone 6/6S:

In all, this case is a good option for those looking for a good balance between thin, light, and serious protection. If the Level 2 case doesn’t give you quite enough protection you will definitely want to check this case out!

Get it here for $33. [Affiliate link.]

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample.

What I Like: Thin and light for the kind of protection it offers; Available in four color combinations; Not overly expensive

What Needs Improvement: No screen protection; A bit thicker and heavier than the Level 1 and 2 cases

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