IntelliARMOR’s Case for Apple’s AirPods Is Made of Premium Leather

If you have AirPods or intend to get a pair, you should really invest in a case that will protect not only the pods themselves but the case that holds them from sustaining hairline scratches. There’s one case I’ve been using the past few weeks that have surprised me, and I think you should check out.

IntelliARMOR’s Case for Apple’s AirPods Is Made of Premium Leather

Introducing the CarryOn by intelliARMOR, a hand-crafted leather case designed for the Apple AirPods. Available in three colors: black, brown and camel, each of the clips comes complete with a handy metal clip that is great for attaching your keys, maybe a Tile item tracker to make sure you don’t lose them, or in my case, on the inside of your backpack. The case itself is supposed to protect from drops, but luckily for me, I haven’t had that problem yet. I’m still waiting for my case to develop a patina with the leather wearing, but the issue may be from me not carrying in my back pocket. Of course, if you decide to carry it on your Keyes, this would be achieved faster.

IntelliARMOR’s Case for Apple’s AirPods Is Made of Premium Leather

What’s more, if you are one of the lucky folks who have the most recent AirPods that charge wirelessly, you’ll have happy to know that the case itself does allow for that functionality, on top of having an individual cut out for the lightning charge port at the bottom. There’s even a small needle-sized opening for the LED indicator to the front, which is a first I’ve seen from cases for the AirPods. The AirPods that I have personally do not support either, but it’s great that both of these features are there.

IntelliARMOR’s Case for Apple’s AirPods Is Made of Premium Leather

With the new iPhone 11 being available, chances are you’ll be purchasing yourself a pair of wireless AirPods to go along with them. Aside from maybe the Jabra Elite/Evolve and the Clear Ally, the AirPods are the best truly wireless option for Apple enthusiasts so it’s only right that you protect that $150+ investment, but looking stylish while at it. And at $29.99 it’s affordable in its own right.

Available at Best Buy as well as intelliARMOR’s own site, you can purchase your own by visiting either of the links today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Will eventually develop a great patina; Offers protection and style to an otherwise basic looking AirPods case.

What Needs Improvement: I would personally like the carabiner to be a bit larger

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