The Ventev Desktop Charginghub s500 Is Ready for All Your Charging Needs

Many of us now have a phone or two, a tablet, smartwatch and other devices that need to get charged on a daily basis. Sure, you can use a straight powerstrip, but that gets cumbersome. Ventev has a fantastic solution, the $59.99 desktop charginghub s500, that now has a permanent place on the night table next to my bed.

I like this product so much that I’m probably buying a second one so that I can have one at my office as well!


The desktop charginghub s500 is designed for people who have to charge a number of devices at the same time. The company describes it this way:

The Ventev desktop charginghub s500 brings the AC outlets and USB charging ports to you. This simple, all-in-one charging solution provides two surge-protected 120 VAC outlets and three USB ports.


At $59.99 it is a relatively inexpensive way to keep things organized and charged without having half a dozen or so chords snaking around your desk or night table. The fact that it includes two integrated phone or tablet stands is an added bonus.

The company explains that their goal with the Ventev desktop charginghub s500 was to eliminates “the hassle of climbing under your desk by bringing the AC outlets and USB charging ports to you.” They accomplished that… and a lot more.

The hub’s features include

  • the ability to charge up to three (3) devices at once via the three (3) USB outputs with one dedicated rapid charge USB port at 2.4A
  • two (2) surge protected outlets
  • surge protection and grounded LED lights
  • 2 device stand compatible with most cases

The Ventev desktop charginghub s500 is a simple looking device. A round circle of plastic,  it is understated and utilitarian.


On top of the hub there are two 110 outlets and an indicator light telling you that surge protection is active. In front of the outlets there are two large slits covered in a soft material. These are designed to hold two devices at once in either landscape or portrait. The larger one in the back is ideal for a tablet and the smaller one in front is perfect for a phone. Because the openings are so large they should be able to accommodate a phone or tablet and just about any case you want. In addition, they are angled in such a manner that they will easily hold a device in either portrait or landscape and, in both cases, your device will be held securely. It’s a great design that allows you to plug in your phone or tablet and have it sitting and waiting for you to use it.


It also means you can place either your phone or your tablet in landscape and use it as a bedside clock. How great is that?


On the side of the device there are three full-size USB ports.


The two toward the front are standard USB ports that share 2 A. If you have two devices plugged into these ports each one will get 1A of power. The third port sits just behind the first two. It is a dedicated fast charging port that offers 2.4 A at all times. It’s perfect if you need to give your phone or tablet a quick charge!

Because of the various ports on the desktop charger S 500 you can easily charge two phones and a tablet along with your Apple watch and still leave you one free outlet for plugging in an additional device. It is a hub that offers a large variety of charging options while maintaining a small footprint and an understated look that doesn’t call attention to itself. Here’s y vieo review:

And here’ a company rep describing it during CES 2016

I’ve used a variety of different charging hub solutions. Some have been long powerstrip. Others have been boxes with slots for your iPhone and tablets. None, however, have had as small a footprint or offered the number of features that you will find with this charging hub. Some may not like the fact that, in order to use the USB ports you will have to supply your own cables. And since this is about keeping devices charged AND neat I would highly recommend getting a few short cables that will simply go from the USB ports right into the devices sitting above them. Despite the need to supply your own cables… this product is a winner! I like it so much that, as I wrote at the beginning of this post, I’ll likely buy one to use at the office as well! Get it here. [Affiliate link]

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Has three USB ports with one offering rapid charging; Has two 110V outlets with surge protection; Has two slots that hold phones and tablets in landscape or portrait and work with most cases; Small footprint

What Needs Improvement: The color may not be to everyone’s liking but this is about getting the job done rather than making a fashion statement; You will need to supply your own cables

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  1. I also picked one of these up at CES, and I have to say that there are several things about it that make it a winner:

    • Unlike the Griffin I reviewed some time back (, the Ventev does not have removable sections that will ultimately pop out when you blindly set a device inside it at night — that seems like such a little thing, but it has become a HUGE deal for me over time.

    • Having a combination of USB ports and AC power plugs is incredibly handy for those of us who have rooms with limited power plugs.

    While the Ventev won’t hold as many devices as the Griffin did, I’ve found it to be such a superior product that I have retired the Griffin and the Ventev is now in its place. This product is one that I will be buying more of as a gift and other locations in my home.

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