Mobile Phone Gear Review: iPazzPort Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

Mobile Phone Gear Review: iPazzPort Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

One reason people tell me they do not choose to use an iPhone is that they would rather have a phone with a hardware keyboard.  Apple, among other companies, have produced Bluetooth keyboards that can be used with iPhones and iPads, but they are almost all full-sized offerings.  EFO Gadget Shop recently sent me the iPazzPort Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard to review with my IOS devices.

Lets take a look.

Mobile Phone Gear Review: iPazzPort Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

The iPazzPort is a Mini Bluetooth wireless keyboard for iPad, iPhone and a host of smartphones including Windows Mobile and Nokia operating systems.  Unfortunately Android is not compatible with this device.  Measuring at three inches by two inches, the keyboard is about the size of a credit card.  Despite the size, the keyboard sports full functionality including F1 to F12 function keys and a ctrl+alt+del key.  For added control, multimedia keys including play, pause, next, previous, mute and volume buttons.  Virtually any function used on a full size keyboard can be found on the iPazzPort.  For use in a dark room, the keys are back-lit, which is a great feature.

Mobile Phone Gear Review: iPazzPort Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

The first time the keyboard is used, a code will pop up on the device to allow for it to sync.  Once it has been synced, it will instantaneously connect each time the keyboard is turned on.  I had no problem getting my iPhone 4 or iPad to connect via Bluetooth.  All of the keys work well without any latency, so typing is smooth and fast.  I do like the media keys which I guess could be used as a remote for the iOS device if you chose not to hold it.  All of the functions that are supposed to work with my devices worked well.  The back light is bright and can be turned on or off as needed.

Mobile Phone Gear Review: iPazzPort Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

After a little time with the keyboard, I actually became pretty fast at typing with it.  There is a slight learning curve regarding where some of the keys are located,  since they had to be creative to get everything to fit into a credit card size.  The unit is a full QWERTY keyboard, but some of the shift key items are in different locations from a full size keyboard.  My only issue with the product is personal;  I have used a touch keyboard for so long, that going back to a physical keyboard the size of one found on a cell phone is not advantageous.  If using a physical keyboard on your mobile phone is preferable to you no matter the size, then you’ll find that this keyboard works extremely well.

The iPazzPort Bluetooth wireless keyboard from EFO gives users the ability to type on their iOS devices via physical keyboard.  The credit card sized device is similar to using a cell phone.  iPad users who do not like the large touch screen keyboard may want to use it when typing long emails or working.  Sporting all of the usual function keys as well as a back light, the iPazzPort will be usable without missing any features.

EFO website

MSRP: $40.00

What I Like: Full function Bluetooth keyboard that works flawlessly

What Needs Improvement: I have not used a small physical keyboard in a long time, so typing on it did not give me any advantages

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