Huawei Mate 8 Is One Thoughtfully Designed Android Superphone

At CES 2016 Judie and I both received a review sample of the new Huawei Mate 8. The large Android handset is impressive both in regard to features and design. Their PR department recently shared some of the key aspects of the device with us. In anticipation of the full review we wanted to share a few noteworthy features. Huawei Mate 8 Is One Thoughtfully Designed Android Superphone

The key aspects worthy of note when considering the dual-sim Mate 8 are its amazing battery life, its performance, and its heat dissipation design.

When it comes to battery life the Mate 8 has a large 4000mAh. When combined with its 9V/2A rapid charging the phone will run all day and then some. Then, when the battery eventually runs down, you can get up and running faster than you have ever experienced.

The company notes that if you are a regular user, you should get almost two and a half days between charges. If, however, you are like those of us who write for Gear Diary and are a heavy user, you should see north of a day and a half. Then, once your battery is run down, you can plug it into the rapid charger. After just 30 minutes you will have almost 40 percent of the battery recharged and ready to go!

Huawei Mate 8 Is One Thoughtfully Designed Android Superphone

The battery life is significant when you consider the amazing performance the phone delivers. The Mate 8’s Kirin950 architecture includes Octa-core 2.3GHz4, 1.8GHz4, and i5 co-processor. It also includes the first ever 16 nm FinFET Plus Soc and ARM Cortex-A72. If you are familiar with Huawei’s previous superphones you will find that the CPU boosting power is up 100 percent, GPU performance up 125 percent, and power efficiency up 70 percent compared to the Kirin 925. As a result of the new architecture watching high resolution video or playing graphics intensive games on the phone is a dream!

Huawei Mate 8 Is One Thoughtfully Designed Android Superphone

All this power could be an issue were the phone not designed with heat dissipation in mind. Thankfully, the designers at Huawei took this potential issue into consideration in a big way. The Mate 8 features advanced six-layer thermal mechanics. This allows for a higher heat dissipation rate and combines to offer a great experience AND lower power consumption.We’ve tried to push the Mate 8 to the limit and found that it barely got warm. Clearly the engineers at Huawei were on their A-game when designing this phone.

There’s much more to come but, for now, you can check out all the features here on the product page!

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