DreamScreen Provides a Gorgeous and Immersive TV Viewing Experience

DreamScreen brings your TV to life in ways you’ve never experienced before. Using a string of high-tech LED lights adhered to the back of your TV, DreamScreen mimics the colors of the pixels on your HDTV to expand your television’s picture beyond the screen. DreamScreen is currently campaigning on Kickstarter for funding; pledge now to get your own for $125!

DreamScreen Provides a Gorgeous and Immersive TV Viewing Experience

DreamScreen is compatible with any HDTV with HDMI connections and it comes in multiple sizes including “Classic” (35”-45” TVs), “Mega” (45”-65” TVs), and “Xtreme” (65”-80” TVs). It uses an intelligent HDMI stick and HDMI splitter to translate the signal from your HDMI device such as cable box, Xbox, Playstation, Roku, PC, and more and send it to the LEDs and your TV at the same time.

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DreamScreen not only makes the TV viewing experience more immersive, it also reduces Digital Eye Strain by making the contrast between the screen and the adjacent wall much less stark. If you have a black wall next to your bright TV, that causes a lot of strain on your eyes, but the DreamScreen’s LEDs expanding the picture across your wall reduces that strain immensely.


DreamScreen has an app that controls the LEDs wirelessly via Bluetooth so you can set the lights to Video mode, Music mode, Ambient mode, or Sleep mode. Video mode is exactly what you’d think it would be as the lights follow the pixels in the video displaying on the screen. Music mode is a little different, in that it converts the audio to an audio visualization that moves to the beat of your music. Ambient mode features simple ambient lighting behind your TV that can be used when your TV is off; you can even select any color via an in-app color wheel.

DreamScreen in Action

Installation was incredibly easy, as each LED strip has an adhesive on the back so you just rip off the backing and stick it to the back of the TV. You spread them out over all of the edges of your TV, plug in the HDMI stick, splitter, and power cables, and you’re ready! Download the DreamScreen app from the App Store or Google Play store, and you can control your LEDs via Bluetooth. Setup was completed in about 15 minutes and it worked straight away.

DreamScreen App Screenshots

I was blown away at how well the DreamScreen’s LEDs matched the colorization of the pixels on my screen; seemingly expanding my TV’s viewing area and creating an immersive experience for the audience. Although my living room setup is not the ideal design for the DreamScreen experience, it’s easy to see how well it would work if the TV were mounted directly to a wall rather than inside an entertainment center.

Check out the video below of the DreamScreen in all its glory:

I would absolutely recommend DreamScreen to anyone looking to improve their TV/Media watching or Music listening experience, especially if you suffer from Digital Eye Strain. Setup was a snap, the viewing experience is amazing, and I haven’t found any real downsides yet after almost a month of testing.

You can pre-order a DreamScreen now through their Kickstarter campaign for as little as $125.

Source: The DreamScreen was a manufacturer supplied review unit.

What I Like: Simple installation; Beautiful TV watching experience; Great color reproduction; Reduces eye strain; free iPhone/Android app for Bluetooth control

What Needs Improvement: Nothing yet.

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  1. DreamScreen | July 7, 2017 at 11:04 am |

    Thanks again for writing this for us last year!

    I am writing to let people know that we have made a ton of improvements to the DreamScreen system and are now taking pre-orders for our new HD and 4K versions on http://www.dreamscreentv.com/shop. The new version is powered by Wi-Fi and will have a host of new features, including compatibility with our new Sidekick surround lighting.

    The HD units will ship early next month and the 4K units will begin shipping in September.

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