The Fluance Fi70 Three-Way Wireless High Fidelity Music System: Incomparable Audio

While smaller speakers might work well in smaller spaces, sometimes you need a bigger speaker system that can fill a larger room with music; that’s where the new Fluance Fi70 speaker will shine. Available in bamboo, black ash, or walnut finishes, the Fi70 has dual 8” woofers, 5” woven glass fiber midrange drivers and 1” neodymium tweeters.

Fi70 Three-Way Wireless High Fidelity Music System 5

The Fluance Fi70 is big as far as most wireless speakers go — it measures 29.5″ wide by 23.2″ tall by 11″ deep without its stand and 29.5″ wide by 36″ tall by 11″ deep with its stand, and it weighs 81 pounds (!!). Fluance says that the Fi70″offers superior sound quality, unmatched by any speaker within its price range.” Because it is priced at $499, when so many smaller speakers are priced higher, I would tend to believe this.

The Fluance Fi70 has a 280 watt built-in amplifier which “boasts big performance and delivers exceptional bass response starting as low as 30Hz”, and it should look great in any room. We have bamboo floors, so I can imagine how nice the bamboo trimmed version would look in my home.

Some of the Fi70;s features include: aptX, an integrated equalizer, auxiliary input, touch controls, digital AM/FM radio, an LED display and a USB port to charge devices.

We’ll have one in to review soon, but in the meantime you can learn more about the Fluance Fi70 here.

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