Let Vizio Be the Way You Watch Super Bowl 50 This Sunday!

With the biggest sporting event in the world, Super Bowl 50 coming this Sunday, there will be plenty of football fans across the globe attempting to host the biggest party ever for the most watched programs in American TV history. But the biggest question is: What will you be watching it on?

Vizio, one of the leaders in America Smart TV’s and sound bars, know that you’ll be out in stores or online looking to find yourself the right setup. So why not commit yourself to a quality new television that will make sure it looks and sounds as if you’re sitting right there on the sidelines from your couch to watch the Denver Broncos take on the Carolina Panthers?

Vizio is offering up a lineup that should be at the top of your essentials list, other than the pizza and wings:

Let Vizio Be The Way You Watch Super Bowl 50 This Sunday!

The D-Series starts at $149.99 for the D-Series 24” Edge-Lit LED TV and goes up to $1,299.99 for the D-Series 70” Full-Array LED Smart TV. Featuring things like Smart TV and 4K Ultra HD on select models, why wouldn’t you want to have a Full-Array LED backlighting with up to 1.6 Active LED Zones for an excellent picture quality. Perfect for those of you throwing a party for a few friends who will be sure to put a dent in your couch jumping for joy rooting for their favorite squad.

Let Vizio Be The Way You Watch Super Bowl 50 This Sunday!

Next up is the M-Series, which is the obvious premiere tier of the two series. Starting at $599.99 for the 43″ m-Series Smart TV, going up to $3999 for the 80″ class model (which I personally need), the Ultra HD Full-Array LED Smart TV delivers 4k UHD picture quality as well, all driven though by a full features Smart TV experience that will make UHD streaming better than any experience you’ve had before. Couple that with the ability to stream not only video content but Internet radio, the app home featuring your favorite things like Netflix, HuluPlus, and YouTube, there’s no way you will ever go without your favorite services.

Let Vizio Be The Way You Watch Super Bowl 50 This Sunday!

Now what would a great new television be like without an equally superior Sound Bar System? That’s where Vizio’s 40″ 5.1″ Sound Bar System comes in. Designed to complement televisions 42″ or greater, the stylish black and silver sound system features true 5.1 surround sound with rear satellite speakers and a wireless subwoofer so you can feel every tackle and sideline comment made. With built in Bluetooth technology for streaming music also, you can easily make yourself your own halftime show if you prefer not to watch the one going on live.

With all of these features it’s hard to just choose one of them. I know for a fact that I need the Sound Bar this Sunday, and at LEAST a 65″ inch TV as I always end up having that friend jumping in front of the screen dabbing, so I know for a fact you readers should head over to Vizio today if you have friends like mine, or simply just need yourself a new television, for either the Super Bowl, or that date night the following Sunday, for Valentine’s Day!

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