Alcatel Announces the Pop 10 Laptop!

Seems as if Alcatel has taken every opportunity so far here at MWC in Barcelona to let the world know they mean business!

ALCATEL finally announced their first ever 2-in-1 device featuring Windows 10, the PLUS 10! The device essentially has three modes, and is compatible with 4G. The three modes, mobile office, entertainment center, and travel companion all make the PLUS 10 a must have so early into 2016.

The Mobile office feature is fully compatible with 4G/Wi-Fi-connected keyboard. Offering a complete mobile desktop experience, you can use it in laptop mode in order to type document as well as creating spreadsheets. Coming with multiple ports, the PLUS 10 gives you the ability to connect to a hard drive, mouse, USB, or even a secondary screen, to fully use the 32gbs of internal memory, with the option to use an external SD as well.

It’s Entertainment Center can be docked to view movies and videos, perfect for traveling. The high-resolution of 1280 x 800, with the 3D sound, the Plus 10 easily makes film watching and gameplay tolerable again.

Finally it’s an awesome travel companion. Since the PLUS 10 is 40% lighter than your average laptop, the , you can ue the tablet mode without a keyboard if you deem fit, making it more portable, all the while giving you the ability to surf the web or casually use it as an e-book reader.

Since the PLUS 10 has a double battery, you can use it for a full 8-hours for work or play. Or if you rather use your smartphone, it can double as a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 15 different users. PLUS 10_LAPTOP MODE_1

Slated to be available in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa in June of 2016, seems as if ALCATEL is hitting on all cylinders during MWC. Check out Alcatel for more details!

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