ALCATEL Announces Their IDOL 4 Series!

With Mobile World Congress 2016 gearing up this week, ALCATEL is announcing their IDOL 4 series today. Attempting to capitalize on the success of the IDOL 3, the IDOL 4, and IDOL 4s smartphones, they are introducing new features such as the new Boom Key and a unique augmented multimedia experience.

“The IDOL 4 series marks another milestone in ALCATEL innovation,” said Dan Dery, Chief Marketing Officer at ALCATEL. “The Boom Key boom-ifies everything, from the sound to photos to gaming. Something we’re really excited about, and something I’m eager to show my friends is that we’ve augmented IDOL 4’s multimedia experience.  A screen that offers a stunning display from any angle, an all-in-one powerhouse audio ecosystem and a professional-caliber camera.”

BOOM ME UP! The Boom Key Delivers Augmented Experience

Boom my camera: Instantly takes photos on standby mode pressing and holding the button puts the camera into burst mode to take photos in quick succession.

Boom my gallery: Artistically shuffles the photos in the gallery for instant sharing as a photo collage or a short slideshow.

Boom my videos: Generates immediate, surprising effects in existing videos, such as replaying the previous one second of the video three times, or changing the playback speed. When a user is recording a video, pressing the Boom Key will immediately broadcast the video live.

Boom my music: Conceived by ALCATEL and creatively engineered by Waves, the audio experience is automatically optimized across all media with simply one touch. The bass, loudness and clarity of the sound is enhanced, enriching the whole user experience.

Boom my game: Asphalt fans will love how the Boom Key amps up their race by releasing the Nitro and boosting the car speed. It also boosts the audio experience by increasing the volume and adding spatial sound reproduction.

Boom my view: Creates a more intense 3D effect (parallax UI effect) for the launcher and a stunning, live weather display as part of the homescreen.

Each having distinct features, the IDOL 4 comes coupled with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor, while the IDOL 4s features a Snapdragon 652 processor. Each also comes with an X8 LTE modem that will easily help with it’s all day battery. Did I mention that they come with Virtual Reality IN the box? Each box is designed to be it’s own pair of VR goggles, so you can always have the experience, anywhere that you go.

The larger of the two, the IDOL 4s has a 2k MOLDED display which is not only super responsive, but won’t compromise battery life as a result.

The IDOL 4 series offers features such as fast autofocus, on top of things like 360-degree photos and selfies. Since the camera is so powerful, you can even get crystal-clear shots in the dark. With two 3.6 watt speakers and Hi-Fi surround sound sponsored by JBL, the IDOL 4 series is one you should be looking at purchasing!

For more information, head over to ALCATEL’s website!

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