This is the Way the World Ends…Not With a Bang, But a Flip-it 4 in 1 Selfie Case

Well, civilized world, we had a good run. We created airplanes, built skyscrapers, and put men on the moon. A few years ago, it seemed like the technology of Star Trek was finally coming true, from Bluetooth headsets to iPads. It’s over now though, because our engineering prowess is being used to build things like the Flip-It 4-in-1 Selfie Case.

This is the Way the World Ends...Not With a Bang, But a Flip-it 4 in 1 Selfie Case

Sure, there’s a great deal of technology crammed into the Flip-It. It’s a case! It’s a selfie stick! It’s a bluetooth remote! It has a kickstand! It will probably blend! But here’s the question: Do we actually need this? Has our collective desire for frivolous consumer goods created this monster? Will we never colonize Mars because our best minds were invested in a selfie-sticks arms race? This won’t end with one abomination of a case; soon all will be consumed by the monster that is the selfie-stick wars.

But let’s look at this daring, if terrifying, catalyst; the Flip-It. It appears to be a rather bulky looking case, one that will definitely inspire a few “is that a selfie stick on your case or is it happy to see me?” jokes. Luckily, you can silence such critics by extending said selfie stick to it’s full 22 inches, and use the robust steel telescopic arm to beat them senseless for doubting your need for a folding selfie stick at all times.

Should you wish to post said beatdown to your Instagram or Snapchat, you can do so with ease, because the Flip-It also has a handy Bluetooth shutter remote. Simply use the kickstand feature on your case, pop the selfie stick/remote off the back, and capture your bravery at defending your right to take selfies anywhere at any time. You’ll be a hero for the ages, or at least the seconds until your Snapchat disappears.

It’s hard to believe, but there may be times when you don’t need your selfie stick. Flip-It recognizes that such anti-social behavior may still exist, so they’re planning a series of accessories to accommodate your freakish habits. They’re going to offer a tripod attachment, which is actually a natural extension of the selfie stick plan, as well as a bike handlebar mount and an armband mount. It is, however, unclear from the photos if you can take your selfie stick attachment with you while you bike or run, since obviously nothing happened if you didn’t include a selfie of your gross and sweaty head.

The Flip-It is only available for the iPhone 6/6S, but before you whip out your credit card, consider that all this selfie goodness is coming with a fair bit of size. The Flip-It measures .7in thick without the selfie stick, and a whopping 1.38in with it attached. For reference, a caseless iPhone 6 is .27in, and the iPhone 6s is .28in. I measured a coworker’s Ballistic case for her iPhone 6, and that case came in at .5in. Keep in mind that the Ballistic case offers significant protection for the iPhone, while the Flip-It case bills itself as a “lightweight hard shell case”.

If you’re dying for a way to take selfies, and pulling out an actual selfie stick is too inconvenient, plus you have a high tolerance for embarrassingly chunky iPhone cases, check out the Flip-It!*

*Note that the crushing guilt of furthering the end of civilization comes FREE with each purchase.

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