HTC One mini Packs the One’s Power into a Smaller Package

HTC One mini

It has been a long time since I saw Judie as enamored with a phone as she is with her HTC One. The phone is sleek, powerful, and it shows that one needs not compromise when looking for an Android handset these days. Now HTC has, as expected, pulled the curtain back on the HTC One’s smaller sibling, the HTC One mini.

The HTC One mini, is a compact — but not small — version of the HTC One, and it brings everything that has made the HTC One stand out in an ever-more crowded marketplace.

HTC One mini


The HTC One mini carries over the UltraPixel Camera experience. That means the phone’s camera will capture 300% more light than traditional smartphone camera sensors making it ideal for low light situations.

The HTC One is one of the best sounding smartphone any of us have seen thanks to its dedicated amplifiers and dual-front facing speakers. This same great audio experience will be found in the HTC One mini.

HTC BlinkFeed was a feature I didn’t expect to like nearly as much as I did during my time with the HTC One. HTC BlinkFeed transforms the home screen into a single live stream of relevant information from various social networks and lets you see what is happening at a glance rather than needing to go into various apps to get a full picture of your world. Of course, BlinkFeed is one of the key features built into the HTC One mini.

The HTC One mini runs the latest version of Android and HTC Sense and packs it all into a package with a 4.3” High Definition 720p screen. Yes, that is a lower resolution than that found in its bigger sibling but I don’t expect most will notice the difference. What’s so striking is that, at 4.3″, the HTC One mini still has a larger screen than the iPhone 5. It does, however, mean the mini is a bit more pocket and one-handed friendly than the larger HTC One.

The HTC One mini will be available beginning in August and will roll out globally starting in September. You can learn more here on HTC’s website.

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