Pebble Adds Email Notifications For iOS Devices

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I have become quite dependent on my Pebble smart watch. Being able to see my messages without looking at my phone is actually extremely convenient. When I am in front of a class teaching, on the field coaching or even driving, the watch makes it super easy to glance at my watch when I get a message. It only takes a second and I never skip a beat in what currently is going on. Really, the only reason I like to check is to just make sure it is not an important message from my wife or anything dealing with my kids. It is sometimes rude to pull your phone out while busy and look at a message. Most people do not even notice a quick glance at the watch to see who a message is from. The folks at Pebble have been quickly adding functions and new features to the watch and the platform has been maturing to a great product. Yesterday, the ability to receive email messages was added to the Pebble iOS app.

iOS users can now add email functionality through gmail and IMAP addresses directly through the application. Since email is not handled as push notifications on the iPhone, the app will check every fifteen minutes for mail and then display it on the watch. Just like text messages, if multiple mail messages arrive, they will be stacked and viewable by scrolling through each of them. After updating the iOS app to version 1.2, an option will appear to set up email addresses. I quickly added my personal gmail and Gear Diary accounts and they have worked flawlessly. Remember, the app checks for mail every fifteen minutes, so if your habit is to open the mail application and check often, the messages will not come as fast.

I am so happy the Pebble team has been sending out regular updates and functionality additions. Hopefully we have just begun to see what the device can do!

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  1. It will be interesting to see how the Pebble handles being away from the phone (out of BT range) with these accounts and then resyncing when the Pebble is back in BT range of the phone. I don’t know how often it’s been an issue for you, Travis, but it gets quite vexing at work if I have to run off to put out a fire while my phone is docked and charging—I very frequently have to go back into the iOS Notifications settings and disable/reenable mail accounts and text messaging to get notifications to appear back on my watch.

    • I have not experienced the watch out of range yet with email synced. I do have an issue off and on with phone where it asks me if I want the Pebble to connect.

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