Jam Audio’s Alloy Speaker is Super Portable, Just Leave The Cable at Home

The Jam Alloy Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is a marvelous speaker. It might be little, but it packs a big punch, all the while being affordable.


Probably one of the more cooler speakers I’ve seen in a while, the Jam Alloy is one of the more simpler models on the market, leaving just three buttons on the top portion of the speaker itself for volume control and for the pausing or playing the actual track.


The rechargeable stereo speaker I’ve been putting through the paces for a few weeks at my office is not only super lightweight, but I can easily throw into my backpack and go without a hitch. Jam Audio is known for keeping their products simple for the consumer all the while not compromising the quality at all.


Jam’s Alloy claims to last five hours to the charge however I’ve listened to six hours of content at a moderate level before the battery finally fizzled out on me, so Jam might be underselling their product a bit, but it also goes without saying it depends on the actual use itself.


One issue I will say that I did have with the Jam Alloy is the actual charging cable itself. For lack of better words, I actually went along and used my own cable as the one included was pretty terrible and took forever to charge. Despite this, the Jam Alloy is still a very good speaker, and being under $50, it’s easily one of those products that can be for any budget.

For more information about the Jam Alloy Wireless Speaker, you can head over to Jam Audio today!

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Minimalistic button controls, seamless setup.

What Needs Improvement: Included cable undercharges.

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