Kohler Moxie Showerhead + Wireless Speaker Review – Stream Music & News While You Shower


Is it time to replace your leaky old showerhead and bring your bathroom into the 21st century? Then you should check out the Kohler Moxie Showerhead + Wireless Speaker. This clever design includes a removable Bluetooth speaker that magnetically inserts into the middle of a 2.5 gpm showerhead with 60 nozzles; its style will look great in any bathroom’s decor.


When I was offered the chance to review the Kohler Moxie, there were two things that immediately went through my mind: the first was that I needed to replace the leaking showerhead in our master bathroom anyway, and the second was that I hadn’t listened to music while showering or getting ready since I was a teen. Of course, back in the 80s listening to music while showering (or getting ready) usually meant that there was a boombox sitting on the floor somewhere; if you were lucky that boombox had a CD player, but more than likely it had a cassette tape player.


What intrigued me about the Moxie showerhead is that it uses Bluetooth to wirelessly stream music from mobile phones, tablet or laptops; it will work with Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and any laptop or tablet that is Bluetooth enabled.

Included in the package is the showerhead, wireless speaker, a debris screen that fits into the end of the shower water pipe attachment, a set of Moxie stickers and a micro USB charging cable.


At the center of the Moxie showerhead, there is a magnetized receptacle made to hold the cone-shaped water-resistant speaker; the removable speaker is about 3.1″ in diameter and about 3″ deep, and it charges by removing the rubber cover on its side to expose the microUSB plug. The light on the front of the speaker will flash red while charging, and it will glow solid red once fully charged; the Lithium-Ion battery is supposed to provide approximately 7 hours of run time


The showerhead measures about 5″ across, which basically means that it is a 1″ ring going all the way around that is dotted with 60 nozzles. The showerhead has a soft silicone spray face which will be easy to clean; if you live in an area with hard water (as I do), this becomes doubly important because it will allow you to flick your finger across any nozzles that become clogged with mineral buildup to easily clear them. The showerhead has a standard 1/2″ NPT connection, and it will install onto any standard shower water pipe. The only thing missing is a piece of stretchy white plumber’s tape; I was surprised that there wasn’t any included.

It’s extremely easy to install the showerhead; Kev removed our old one and replaced it with this one in about three minutes. I was sent the 2.5 gallons per minute model, and I was very impressed by the strong water stream produced by the Moxie; it seems much more vigorous than our replaced Delta ever did, so even if I never used the speaker insert, I’m already much happier with it.

When you insert the speaker into the showerhead’s receptacle, that’s when the magic really occurs. The Moxie will pair with one device, and that is accomplished by pressing the LED button on the front for one second; it will flash blue when pairing and then glow solid blue when pairing is accomplished. If a passcode is requested, you just enter 0000. When the battery is low and the Moxie speaker is connected to a BT enabled device, the LED will blink red and blue; I haven’t had this happen yet.


Sound produced by the Moxie is really good, and it is plenty loud; the speaker sounds great in a smaller room like a bathroom, but the sound produced is loud enough that it can easily be heard in the rooms next to the bathroom if you leave it playing after your shower. The speaker will turn itself off if it is inactive or pairing is lost for longer than 90 seconds.

It’s worth mentioning that the center speaker does not have to be in the showerhead in order for it to work; you can bring it with you into other rooms of the house or even outside. You can also buy speakers in other colors so that everyone who uses the shower can listen to their own music; this is a good idea, since the speaker doesn’t pair with multiple devices.

Beyond the fact that I had to order another speaker for myself (in chartreuse) because Kev has also fallen in love with the Moxie and it will only pair with one device, there are a couple of things that may bother potential users: the volume isn’t adjustable when you’re in the shower, and you can’t skip through your playlist when in the shower. I’ve got several solid playlists loaded with music I love, and I don’t mind fiddling with the volume before I get in the shower … so for me, these are non-issues.

Since installing the Moxie Showerhead, I have really enjoyed having music and news in the shower. It’s one of those minor conveniences that you might not think you’d care about one way or the other about, but once you’ve got it … you wonder why you didn’t get it sooner. If you need a new showerhead anyway, then the Kohler Moxie Showerhead + Wireless Speaker is definitely a cool upgrade to consider.

The Kohler Moxie Showerhead + Wireless Speaker is available in the following finishes: polished chrome, brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and white; you can get it in either a 2 gallon per minute model or 2.5 gallon per minute model.

MSRP: The showerhead starts at $199.00 directly from Kohler, or you can find it at prices starting at $149.25 in our Amazon affiliate storeKohler Moxie Showerhead + Wireless Speaker Review - Stream Music & News While You Shower. Additional Moxie Acoustic Wireless SpeakersKohler Moxie Showerhead + Wireless Speaker Review - Stream Music & News While You Shower are also available. Kohler faucets carry a lifetime limited warranty; you can read more about that here.

What I Like: The showerhead is easy to install (assuming you have some plumber’s tape in your toolbox); the speaker is easy to pair for wireless Bluetooth streaming; magnetic design makes it easy to insert or remove the water-resistant center speaker; the speaker sounds great; the speaker can be removed and used in other rooms or outside; the battery lasts through about 7 hours of use

What Needs Improvement: Everything necessary for install is included except for a piece of plumber’s tape, and it seems like something that should have been in the box; you won’t be able to adjust volume or skip through your playlist from inside the shower; speaker only pairs with one device, so expect to buy a couple of them if you have more than one music lover at your house =P

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

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