The EZVIZ Mini Indoor WiFi Camera is Huge on Value!

The EZVIZ Mini is an affordable mini camera that streams audio and 720p video over your home’s WiFi network. This tiny HD camera packs a great set of features, including a 130-degree diagonal wide-angle lens, night vision, low 3.5W power consumption, motion sensing ability, and cloud/microSD video storage. The impressive EZVIZ Mini can be purchased for under $70.

EZVIZ Mini Cover

The EZVIZ camera is attached to a magnetic stand with a ball joint that can be rotated in any direction you want for ease of use and great aiming ability. The magnetic base can be easily attached to any metallic surface. The retail box comes with a metal plate, foam sticker, and a screw kit so you can mount the base to the wall in many different configurations.

Everything included with the EZVIZ Mini.

Everything included with the EZVIZ Mini.

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The HD video lens is on the front of the EZVIZ Mini along with the night vision IR lights, microphone hole, and a status LED that was a little bright for my liking. On the side of the camera, you’ll find a reset button and a microSD slot. You can choose to save your recordings locally or via the cloud. EZVIZ’s 3-day cloud recording plan is free for one year, but then you’ll have to pay per month after that. EZVIZ’s cloud storage is encrypted via SSL and stored on Amazon Web Services servers, so your recordings should be fairly secure.

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Setting up the camera was simple, as we just scanned the QR code on the Quick Start Guide and the app recognized the camera within 1 minute. The app gives you the option to use basic, standard, and HD quality video to let you keep your bandwidth in check. You can also choose to record video or take photos within the app. Plus, the app allows you to view up to 4 EZVIZ Mini cameras at one time in a “quad-view.”

Check out some screenshots from the app:

Going into this review, I was doubtful that such a small camera would provide decent audio and video quality, but boy was I wrong. We tested the EZVIZ Mini as a baby monitor, since we have an 18-month old daughter, and we were impressed with the quality of the video both during the day and at night. It was easy to use, and we could easily see and hear what was going on in our daughter’s room at both day and night. Unfortunately, though, in a dark room, the blinking blue LED status light acted like a beacon and I had to cover the light in fear that it would keep my daughter awake.

Here’s how the camera looked when being set up for the night and how the LED/IR lights looked in the dark:

Check out some screenshots from the app showing video quality, below:

My biggest complaint with the EZVIZ Mini is that it is not compatible with third party software or recording systems. In order to access the video feeds and recordings, you’ll need to go through their app. My concern is not the quality of EZVIZ’s app however, but the fact that you have to rely on their servers to use your camera. If in two years the company goes under, the camera could be useless and your saved cloud recordings could be gone.

Third party software concerns aside, if you’re in the market for a small, easy-to-use camera with great day/night video and with both local and cloud recording abilities, you’ve got to check out the EZVIZ Mini camera. It’s a seriously tiny camera with excellent functionality and features. I was astounded at the quality of the video when considering the minuscule size of the camera. It’s got amazing adjustability and will fit in almost every indoor situation you’ll find yourself in.

You can purchase the EZVIZ Mini camera from Amazon!

Source: The EZVIZ Mini was a manufacturer supplied review unit.

What I Like: Good audio/video quality; Tiny camera with great mounting and aiming ability; Excellent night vision; Easy to use app.

What Needs Improvement: Not compatible with third party services; Status LED is too bright for a baby’s room at night, Night vision IRs glow red at night.

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