Jelly Lens 6 Image Mirage Maker

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Here’s another quick look at a fun gadget from

The Jelly Lens 6 Mirage Maker gently sticks to the lens of your cell phone or digital camera.

Once on your phone you can turn regular old photographs into morphed 6 headed images with ease.

The lens features a lanyard type attachment similar to those found on cell phone charms.


You remove the lens cap and reveal a sticky adhesive like substance.  Following the instructions you then stick the lens on to your cell phone or camera lining it up with the camera lens.


Once properly positioned you simply start snapping pictures as you normally would.


Only this time your pictures take on an entirely different look made up of 6 different quadrants.


The way the finished photograph looks seems to vary depending on what’s being captured.


Once you’re done with the Jelly Lens you simply remove it from your device and cover the adhesive with the included cap.  The adhesive left no residue on the back of my iPhone and I was able to re-adhere it multiple times.


The Jelly Lens 6 Image Mirage Maker is a inexpensive way to alter your cell phone camera images on the go.  It’s easily portable and can be used over and over again and only when you choose to.

You can check out the Jelly lens here.

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M.S.R.P. – $3.12

What I like – non-permanent and inexpensive way to take interesting cell phone pictures.

What I don’t like – nothing

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