Weird Science is on Hulu, and My Productivity is Shot!

Do you remember the USA show Weird Science? It ran in the mid-90’s, and it was based on the John Hughes film of the same name. I loved that show, because it came on every Saturday night after the kids I babysat for went to bed. So when I found it on Hulu, I dropped everything to relive the 90s!


Here’s the fascinating part: I expected to watch a few episodes, laugh at my memories, and move on. But the show has aged surprisingly well for a low-budget USA network offering. In addition to addressing safe sex head-on, half the episodes slip in lessons and messages that wouldn’t be out of place in a women’s studies or psychology class. The protagonists are regularly taught about teaching women with respect, and even though Lisa the magic computer genie is played by a British model, there’s a great deal of care taken to not objectify her. Basically, the show is intelligent and well-written, and manages to cover the typical teenage sitcom dramas without falling into complete stereotypes.

Also, Vanessa Angel (who plays Lisa) is very, very funny and attractive.

I can’t be the only one who remembers this forgotten gem, right?

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