Eve Mattress Review: From Box to Better Night’s Sleep

A little over a year ago, I received a “bed in a box” for review. Fast forward a year, and my wife Raina suggested moving from a queen mattress to a king. Eve Mattress was one of two companies kind enough to send one of their kind mattresses for review; I’ve been sleeping on it for two weeks.

Eve Mattress Review: From Box to Better Night's Sleep

The eve mattress comes in a large and rather heavy box. As large as it is, however, I was surprised that it contained a king-size mattress. I assumed that meant the mattress itself would be strikingly, and uncomfortably, thin. I was wrong. I opened the box and pulled out the mattress.

The mattress was tightly wrapped in plastic and, as the box explained, compressed. I positioned the mattress where I wanted it to be and removed the plastic. As soon as I started, I could hear an audible hiss as air rushed into the hungry foam of the mattress, and it began to decompress.

Once it was entirely out of the plastic, I realized that it was a bit folded over. I unfolded it and positioned it correctly in my bedroom. It started thin but was expanding rapidly. Still, I had difficulty believing that it would be ten inches thick when completely uncompressed; I should have believed it because it is indeed that thick!

It is worth noting that the mattress gave off a strong smell when first pulled from the box. The smell was, according to the instructions, to be expected. “Don’t worry,” the notes said, “the smell will dissipate in a few hours or a couple of days.” It did, and there is now no sign of the smell.

Eve Mattress Review: From Box to Better Night's Sleep

Now you might be wondering why you should even consider buying a “bed in a box.” “After all,” you are thinking, “how can you decide to buy a mattress that you have not actually tried.” It’s a good question but one that raises the real question of how laying on a mattress in a showroom for a few minutes can let you make such an important decision, either.

The good people at eve recognized the issue and answered it with their 100-night trial.

As they explain,” We’re no prudes but we think 10 minutes is barely enough time to get to know someone, let alone sleep with them. Deep and meaningful relationships take time.”

They back up that sentiment by offering free delivery AND returns and the arrival of the mattress in just three working days. That’s right, you can purchase an eve mattress and have it in your home seven days later (it ships from the UK) without having to pay a penny for shipping. Then you can sleep on it for 100 nights. If you don’t love it, the company will take it back and, best of all, you won’t pay for the return shipping either.

That speaks to a company that believes in its product. The good news is that based on my experience thus far, once you get the mattress, you won’t want to send it back. In other words, the company says and means they will offer a 100-night trial but do so knowing there is little risk they will have to take the mattress back; it is that comfortable.

The eve home trial:

We send the eve right to your front door.
You can spend up to 100 nights with the eve to ensure it’s right for you and your body… Over 95% of our customers decide it is.
If it’s not a perfect fit, just let us know – we’ll pick it up from your front door.
You’ll receive a full refund. No fees. No hidden charges.

As noted, the mattress is ten inches thick and has a medium firmness. It’s exceptionally comfortable, and that’s thanks to the fact that there are three different materials in the mattress itself.

There is a high-density base layer in the spine of the mattress that provides a foundation for the layers above. The middle layer is referred to as the “comfort layer.” It increases airflow helping to cool as you sleep. The top layer is made from new-generation memory foam for support.

Eve Mattress Review: From Box to Better Night's Sleep

As the company explains, “The three layers combine to give optimal comfort and, many eve customers say it helps aid back pain and posture.” That certainly has been my experience, and I have not awoken to my typical morning stiffness since I began sleeping on the bed.

Adding to how the company stands by its product, they guarantee the mattress to retain its shape, structure, and feel for at least ten years.

Now you still may not be sold. After all, most of us have experience buying a bed from a brick-and-mortar store. We try it out for a few minutes, and then, if we buy it, get a mattress and box spring delivered to us. There’s no box spring here, but the eve mattress can be used with one. In fact, the mattress can be used with pretty much any bed setup you want.

There are four main ones, and each has its unique purpose and “style.” There are advantages to each. They are:

  • Sprung Slatted: Sprung slatted bases are a fine sleeping surface for your eve, giving a bit of bounce from below to complement eve’s bouncy top layer. Just ensure the slats are evenly spaced to provide an even sleep surface for your eve mattress.
  • Platform Or Floor: Platform bed bases are often designed with a solid top and therefore often make the bed feel firmer. Eve’s high-density foam base provides a firm foundation that works in harmony with the layers above.
  • Box Spring: Box springs absorb force and prolong the life of the eve mattress. Eve’s luxury Memory foam absorbs the weight of the layer above while cushioning the support of the base.
  • Slatted Base: Air can flow around the mattress with a slatted base, providing extra breathability to complement eve’s premium new generation memory foam top layer and prevent you from getting too hot as you sleep.

Here’s our video review of the eve Mattress.

Why Choose eve?:

  • HEALTH: Eve’s top layer is made from new-generation memory foam for support. The middle comfort layer increases airflow helping to cool as you sleep. The three layers combine to give optimal comfort and, many eve customers say it helps aid back pain and posture
  • DURABILITY: The Eve is guaranteed to retain its shape, structure, and feel for at least ten years. The mattress is suitable for sleepers weighing up to 120kg per person (i.e., 240kg total). We recommend giving it a couple of weeks to allow the eve to adjust to your body shape fully
  • TEMPERATURE: Our three-layer technology is eve’s greatest innovation. The layers combine to offer a cooling night’s sleep through a combination of cooling air holes, next-generation memory foam, and highly open cell technology.

There’s one other reason to consider the eve mattress… Price! The Twin is just under $499. The Full is $749. The Queen is $849, and both the King and California King come in at $949. Compare that with what you might spend on a traditional mattress, and you are sure the be impressed.

I really love the eve mattress. It is comfortable, affordable, and it offers a great night’s sleep. I have another “bed in a box” to review, and after that review is done, I’ll do a comparison post. Even before trying the other one out, I can tell you that you won’t be sorry if you opt for the eve mattress.

The eve mattress starts at $499 and goes up to $949 depending on size; it is available directly from the manufacturer.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Free and fast shipping; 100-night trial; Comfortable; Comfortable; Comfortable; Comfortable

What Needs Improvement: Nothing so far

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