Yuneec’s Typhoon H Drone with 4K Video is Available for Preorder Right Now!

Yuneec Aviation, makers of the picture perfect Typhoon Q500 4K, have announced the pricing and preorder of their newest drone, the Typhoon H. Available for preorder today, the Typhoon H is ready to fly right out of the box and features 4K video, ultrasonic collision avoidance, retractable landing gear, and more. The Typhoon H is competitively priced at $1,299.99!

Yuneec Typhoon H Cover

Built on a six-rotor airframe, the Typhoon H is going to be the go-to drone for getting breathtaking footage with the new CSGO3+ camera mounted on a 3-axis gimbal with 360-degree rotation. Even better, the landing gear retracts to provide a completely unobstructed view. The Typhoon H also introduces exciting new flight features like Point of Interest mode, Orbit mode, Curved Cable mode, and Journey mode. Plus, it comes with ultrasonic collision avoidance that will automatically avoid obstacles to prevent aerial accidents. Another neat safety feature is the failsafe system that will allow the Typhoon H to stabilize and land automatically if a motor fails.

Check out the video:

Each of the six rotor arms folds in for great packing and portability and quick-disconnect propellers allow for easy installation and removal, while the use of carbon fiber throughout the construction of the Typhoon H significantly reduces the weight of the drone.

Yuneec Typhoon H Top View

The Typhoon H will come with Yuneec’s ST16 controller, which is an android-based controller with a built-in 7-inch display for a real-time 720p video feed from your drone. The unique ST16 controller will also feature an HDMI output for the use of external monitors or VR goggles for your video feed. A nice bonus is that Yuneec will also be including an ST12 or “Wizard” controller that will allow two people to control the Typhoon H, one person to fly and another to operate the camera.

Yuneec ST16

The Typhoon H was announced at CES 2016 in Las Vegas and won a number of awards, including: Engadget’s Best Robot or Drone of CES 2016, PC Mag’s Best Drone of CES 2016, and The Verge’s Best Drone of CES 2016.

Yuneec’s Typhoon H is shaping up to be an exciting drone and I can’t wait to have the opportunity to test and review it myself. Head over to to preorder yours today! Stay tuned to Gear Diary where we’ll have a full review in the coming months!

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