The VersaCover by Moshi Is My Favorite Case for the iPad Pro

Over the past month, I’ve been using the most unusual iPad Pro case on the market after literally going caseless for the first two weeks of purchasing the 12.7” tablet and luckily, Moshi sent me over their iGlaze and VersaCover for the extra-large iPad, and I love it.


Let me start this by saying: I’ve yet to use a case quite like the VersaCover by Moshi. I’ve considered keyboard cases, skins, even expensive sleeves to just throw my iPad Pro in, but nothing compares to how perfect this case is for the largest Apple Tablet on the market.

When I had an iPad Mini Retina, I had no qualms about just throwing that in my bag, but with the iPad Pro I’ve found myself NEEDING protection for it, so when Moshi finally sent it over, the first thing I did was toss the baby right on. After reading Judie’s review of the VersaCover for her then iPad Air 2, I already knew exactly what to expect as far as protection, but boy there’s actually so much more to the VersaCover for the iPad Pro to love.


The case itself is one part plastic back, one part smart screen protector, which is a blessing in itself. The iGlaze is essentially the VersaCover plastic back, without the cover the stylish origami cover. Both the VersaCover and the iGlaze are pretty scratch resistant, and with the frosted back, if you’re into showing off your Apple branding, you’ll be able to with this case.


Also, each of the cases come with cutouts for the volume button, the speaker, and lightning port. Now I prefer the buttons covered on my devices, but since the Moshi’s lip is a bit raised around the edges, I’m not afraid that if it takes a tumble, the buttons themselves will get scratched.


But back to the VersaCover (because I love it that much), the leather cover is just awesome. After a month, the leather material hasn’t worn out or begun to look dated, and it looks GREAT with my Space Grey 128GB iPad Pro. Folding the VersaCover back is super easy and simple thanks to the addition of the magnet on the back of the back that for those of you who hold the iPad Pro in a reading style, you won’t get that annoying need to re-adjust the cover of the case like you would from Apples own case they created for the tablet, which is ideal.


If you are a frequent flyer or traveler, and have always complained about having to prop your iPad up, especially on an airplane, on the small surface they give you, Moshi has you covered.


Unlike most tablets sit in one direction, making it quite uncomfortable to view movies, the VersaCover can sit upright, or slanted, making it easy to alternate from typing, or viewing videos/browsing the web.


Too many companies believe in the method where it sits upright and all you can do is adjust it up in it’s slanted state, so its great that Moshi has considered the comfort of the user.


If you are an artist, or just like to doodle though, I have a big one for you! One thing that Apple didn’t do right, and it’s completely not the fault of Moshi at all, is making the Apple Pencil Magnetic. So although the VersaCover does not come with a pencil holder, there is a workaround for this. I recently purchased a pencil sleeve (here) for the Apple Pencil with a magnet to it because like I stated earlier, the Moshi VersaCover comes with not only a magnet on the back (the iGlaze does not) but there is actually a magnet on the leather smart screen protector which not only works for holding the cover back when open, but for Apple’s auto-sleep/wake feature. Here is what happens when I used the Apple Pencil (with sleeve) with the Moshi VersaCover in tandem, and it’s lovely!


Overall, if this isn’t enough to convince you pick up the VersaCover at least, if you like color variety, and enjoy your already purchased cover for your iPad Pro, you’ll be happy to know that the iGlaze completely works with most, if not all Smart Covers on the market for the tablet.


And at $69.95, it’s a beautiful case that works with all of Apples Accessories. If you need a keyboard, I would personally suggest the Jorno Portable keyboard I reviewed last year, or Apples Magic Wireless keyboard, which are two of the best on the market.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I like:  Everything. Literally. Especially the ability to handle multiple angles

What Needs Improvement: I’d love to see a brown leather color

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