‘Email’ by EasilyDo Is the Closest We Will Ever Get to the ‘MailBox’ App Again

There are a lot of email apps out there in the app store that feel as though they are helping out your productivity, but none are quite like Email by EasilyDo, a new mail app that not only will help you get your inbox emptied, it will also help you in terms of your productivity.


Over the past month in a private beta, I’ve been testing out Email by EasilyDo, and it’s become a fixture on my home screen. I’ve tested many other email apps, and other than the native mail app and Google’s own “Inbox”, there are certain things that I wish each pulled from each other to create a superb app that I would not only use daily, but others would as well. The app itself works with all of the major players: Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, Outlook and IMAP. And yes, if you still use AOL, they have that too.


EasilyDo mail is honestly the fastest email client I’ve used for the iPhone. With instant notifications for mail, I’ve never had a delay in receiving my emails like I have with other third-party mail apps. Too many times I’ve been waiting for an image to load, or a file to actually completely render its head in the email attachments, but now with Easily Do, I don’t have to deal with that at all. Built from the ground up, EasilyDo actually lets me actually search for specific items directly from the app just like Google’s Inbox does, but only faster and more efficiently. With a quick swipe to the right, you have the EasilyDo assistant that shows you not only your subscription emails, but if you have packages waiting, travel arrangements, bills, or just overall entertainment such as movie tickets… all of these are separated so you no longer have to sift through hundreds of emails attempting to find things. This came in handy recently on a trip when I could not find my flight details, all I had to do was simply click Travel, and all of my emails from Kayak, American Airlines and beyond were there. This is a clutch feature to have.

“Mail is the most used app on the phone because that it where people work and connect. 2.6 billion people each deal with an average of 122 messages every day,” said CEO of EasilyDo, Mikael Berner. “We built Email to serve those users with a faster, simpler, and smarter experience.”



With advanced technology, you can actually go and unsubscribe from your emails in one tap too. I actually had to use this recently as I would receive an email from IFTTT for every Amazon Book recommendation that fit my criteria, and EasilyDo quickly handled this for me. Prior to this, I would use SaneBox, which actually ruined my emails completely, and I would miss quite a few emails that they considered unimportant. With EasilyDo, it learns from the user itself, so you don’t have to make the same mistake I did.


What if you want to come back to an email later? You can snooze emails to remind you to circle back and check them. The last email app that did this was Mailbox, which was purchased (then abandoned by Dropbox), so it’s great to finally have that functionality again. Honestly, I believe EasilyDo is the closest we will ever get to having Mailbox again, and that’s a good thing as that app was certainly in a league of its own. The ability to organize your emails, arrange your trips, control read receipts, and even UNDO sent emails (because we’ve all been there). Overall I love EasilyDo, and I believe you will as well!

Available in the App Store today, you can get more information at EasilyDo’s site!

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3 Comments on "‘Email’ by EasilyDo Is the Closest We Will Ever Get to the ‘MailBox’ App Again"

  1. Awesome!

    ‘Do it like Mailbox’ has been my goal for several months now, and nothing really has done the job for me. But with EasilyDo Mail … I quickly deleted Spark and stopped using Mail … and my only regret is that the app isn’t universal so I can’t (yet) use it on my iPad! Hopefully soon!


  2. I suspect that it isn’t an accident that the icon for Email looks almost identical to Inbox by Gmail.

    I’ve been using Inbox by Gmail almost exclusively for the past three months. But it has two big flaws – (1) It doesn’t offer a one-inbox view meaning you must flip in and out of separate email inboxes to check all your accounts and (2) there is no MS Exchange support.

    The ability to group together travel items within Inbox is amazing. And clearing out emails is so fast that for the past three months I’ve been at Inbox Zero every day without even really having to try.

    I’m going to give this app a try. I’ve tentatively been looking closer at Outlook again mostly because it will give me the one inbox that I think I need to run my business daily.

  3. Oops. “POP, Office 365 and Exchange accounts are not supported in this version. Damn. It is over before it begins…

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