Cut The Cords And Go Completely Wireless with NUHEARA IQbuds

Originally an Indiegogo product that was successfully backed with over $450,000 in backer money, the Nuheara IQbuds already look to be BETTER than the competition on the market!


The Nuheara IQbuds free you from cables and cords, giving you a virtually wireless hands free connection to the devices you carry around with you daily through Bluetooth capabilities. With a perfect balance of features such as noise cancellation and battery life to last a few hours, I personally think the IQbuds will easily be better than the Bragi Dash headphones I reviewed earlier this year. Coming with a Companion mobile app, you can personalize the audio that you listen to, or leave the stereo sound the way it comes.


If you actually use your phone for its calling functionality anymore, you’ll be happy to know that the IQbuds actually come with speech amplification as well, courtesy of the engineering inside of each earbud. With an intelligent hearing processing engine, the audio that you hear on calls as well as things like music on your devices stream wirelessly through this engine, all while minimizing the sounds around you.


After raising $3.5 million courtesy of a public offering back in April, they are funded for success. The founders of the Nuheara all have backgrounds in industrial hearing so the buds themselves are not only a product that allow you to hear what you want to hear, but a product you should keep your eye out for.

For more information on the Nuheara headphones, head over to their site today!

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