Qliplet is the Extra Hand, er, Hook You Need!

I am usually pretty streamlined walking into work. My work bag has my door keycard, and all I need to do is bump the door with my bag to activate it. If I have an extra item (like a cup of coffee), I end up balancing and juggling everything, badly. Qliplet offers a potential solution, but is it any good?


Besides having an impossible to spell name, Qliplet is a carabiner with a literal twist, in the form of a 360 degree hook that snaps on the outside. You can use the hook to hang the Qliplet off a table or door, using the carabiner end to hold a bag, or you can use the carabiner side clipped to something, and use the hook to hang a water bottle, extra bag, etc when you need your hands free. The hook end has a rubber cap that keeps it in place when it’s hanging, and that cap also acts as a stopper so anything hooked doesn’t slide away.

The hinge is also plastic/rubber, and the hinge and twist mechanisms both move smoothly and stay in place nicely. The hook itself, as well as the carabiner, are metal, and the finish on both is smooth with no sharp edges. It’s clearly a well-engineered product, and careful thought has gone into addressing ways to make it compact but efficient.


I’ve had the Qliplet attached to my regular work bag for a week, and I found I used it once as a way to hold my water bottle while I had my hands full. It worked well, though due to the weight of the water bottle I felt a little imbalanced. Just keeping the Qliplet on hand was easy enough; it didn’t take up much space, nor did it weigh enough to be noticeable.

If I had a hesitation about the Qliplet, it’s the price; at $19.99 it’s a good price for a combo bag hook/carabiner, but how often do you really need either of those? If you’re a big traveler, I could see it coming in handy when rushing through airports. I asked my wife about the outdoor uses, since she spent years working at a facility that led camping, hiking, and other outdoor activity trips. Her take was that she wouldn’t have used something like the Qliplet, simply because it didn’t do anything a regular carabiner couldn’t handle, but she would carry a carabiner rated to support her weight, and not just 50lbs of static object like the Qliplet. Basically, her philosophy was that if it couldn’t be used for multiple purposes, including safety, it wasn’t worth carrying. I think this is fine for an everyday hiking trip or something similar, but I do see her point when it comes to something more intense, especially if it’s a trip where every bit of weight and space is at a premium.


Qliplet has a video that showcases many, many more of the uses than I could try in just a few days:

If you’re looking for an easy way to make your everyday items simpler to carry, and you like the outdoors aesthetic, Qliplet is certainly a useful item. In my mind, it’s similar to a pocketknife; it might not be something you use daily, but having it on hand can make your life easier. At only 2oz and a fairly compact size, it doesn’t hurt to have one hanging around for those times when your juggling act isn’t going to cut it!

Source: Manufacturer’s review sample

What I Liked: Extremely well made; lightweight and compact; easy to use.

What Needs Improvement: A bit pricey for an item you might not use often.

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