Gear Diary’s Review of the Eve Mattress Featured on Their Site: Check It Out and Save!

We recently reviewed the Eve Mattress. A British company fast making inroads into the US market, the mattress is remarkably comfortable and priced amazingly well. Better yet, Eve Mattress has agreed to offer Gear Diary readers a special discount until November 30, 2017! That’s right, you can save an EXTRA $200 on a great night’s sleep by using the codeeve200usa!


I titled my review of the Eve Mattress “From Box to Better Night’s Sleep Thanks to the Eve Mattress” for a reason. The mattress ships compressed into a (fairly) easy-to-handle box that, when released, quickly reaches its full size and density. The mattress is incredibly comfortable. And when I write “incredibly comfortable” I mean incredibly comfortable. That is the case thanks to the thoughtful design and the multiple layers built into the mattress. (Read our full review and the details of the mattress’ construction here.)


As I wrote in the review:

Now you might be wondering why you should even consider buying a “bed in a box.” “After all,” you are thinking, “how can you decide to buy a mattress that you have not actually tried.” Its a good question but one that raises the real question of how laying on a mattress in a showroom for a few minutes can let you make such an import decision either. The good people at Eve recognized the issue and answered it with their 100-night trial. As they explain,”We’re no prudes but we think 10 minutes is barely enough time to get to know someone, let alone sleep with them. Deep and meaningful relationships take time.” They back up that sentiment by offering free delivery AND returns and the arrival of the mattress in just three working days. That’s right, you can purchase an Eve mattress and have it in your home seven days later (it ships from the UK) without having to pay a penny for shipping. Then you can sleep on it for 100 nights. If you don’t love it the company will take it back and, best of all, you won’t pay for the return shipping either. That speaks to a company that believes in their product. The good news is that, based on my experience thus far, once you get the mattress you won’t want to send it back. In other words, the company says and means they will offer a 100-night trial but do so knowing there is little risk they will have to take the mattress back; it is that comfortable.


eve Sleep. The only mattress you'll ever need.


Better still, the mattress has a great price. The twin mattress is just $499. The Queen mattress is $849 and the King size mattress is just $949. Compare that to the prices you will pay if you go to a brick and mortar store and you are sure to be impressed.

Those prices, however, aren’t what you will pay if you purchase an Eve Mattress in the next two weeks. No, thanks to a partnership with Eve Mattress we are able to offer Gear diary readers a special discount of $100 for the next two weeks. That means you will pay just $849 for the King Mattress; that’s an amazing price.

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