Vimtag Looks to Take on Nest Head-On with Their Home Monitoring Kit

Your home can never really be too secure, and it seems like the smart home market doesn’t ever get enough of home monitoring cameras with such brands as the Nest. But there is actually a product that recently launched with features promising to be better than the competition.


Makers of high quality connected security and monitoring solutions, Vimtag Technology has announced today a fleet of products that will easily work for any user. The three products include the P1 Smart Cloud IP camera ($129.99), the M1 Mini Cube Cloud IP camera ($119.99), and finally the Cloudbox remote video storage device which comes in both a 1TB or a 2TB version range between $149.95-189.95.


The two cameras themselves provide its users with remote live video-streaming and motion-detection snapshot alerts courtesy of the Vimtag app for your smartphones as well as tablets and laptops. One thing most cameras on the market fail at is the ability to have two-way audio, which is ideal if you have a child or a home that you tend to monitor while away from while someone is still there. Another BONUS that I haven’t seen is the fact that the two cameras have 4x digital zoom which is something I’ve personally wanted having a puppy that sits at home during the day in his crate, that I need to be able to monitor.


With other features such as a wide camera lens that will allow you to get a larger view, you’ll also get the ability to choose between the internal SD storage, or using Vintage’s own Cloudbox storage that records for up to 60 days of footage for you to view at any given time.

“Our focus is on making high-quality monitoring solutions that are easy to use and affordable to own, with no bundled monthly cloud storage service required. Our latest products will help develop Vimtag’s position in the US market as a leader in quality video monitoring solutions for the novice and expert alike,” said Joseph Sherman, Vimtag Director of Consumer Engagement. “We want people to have more control over their security and these products deliver on that goal, leveraging the ubiquity of mobile phones and wireless networks to make DIY security and monitoring simple, easy and convenient.”

As you know I’m an advocate for protecting your home, and the people in it, so I’m very excited to see what Vimtag has in store with their three products.  For more information, you can head over to Vimtag today!

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