Momentum Aria LED Floodlight with WiFi Camera Provides Quality, Affordable Security

Not long ago we reviewed the Cori HD home security camera system from Momentum. Recently we have been testing the new Aria Floodlight with WiFi Camera from them and we have been significantly impressed.

Momentum Aria LED Floodlight with WiFi Camera Provides Quality, Affordable Security

Momentum Aria LED Floodlight with WiFi Camera/Images courtesy Momentum and by Author

Perhaps the greatest attribute is that it works seamlessly with existing Momentum units via the same app, allowing for complete coverage inside and out. The Aria Floodlight/Camera unit replaces an existing exterior floodlight to up the security coverage of your garage, home, or even office. It is a breeze to install and get up and running and provides 5,000 lumens of light from two adjustable LED floodlights. While these lights are motion-sensing, they can also be activated via the app on your smartphone as well as given settings for timed activation. There is also a built-in 110-decibel siren in the Aria unit to further help ward off nere-do-wells. The color HD 1080P camera features infrared capabilities with a 140-degree angle of view and the motion sensors in the Aria unit provide 270-degrees of coverage.

Momentum Aria LED Floodlight with WiFi Camera Provides Quality, Affordable Security

Any home DIYer can install the Aria unit easily and quickly. The kit comes complete with everything needed to replace your current floodlight, so long as you have a vertical (wall) mount with 110V AC. I had to rig up a little mounting bracket for my installation on my front house as our four large dogs protect the garage, which is in the rear. I logged into the Momentum app on my iPhone and added the Aria device in only a couple of minutes and then began exploring all the cool features available. One such feature is the ability to take a still photo or to record video and there is a built-in Micro SD card slot for cards up to 128GB in size. There is also two-way audio function so not only can you always listen to what is going on you can speak back via the Aria unit. The Momentum cameras switch from daylight to night mode automatically so that is no concern and they allow for sensitivity adjustment of the sensors as well.

Momentum Aria LED Floodlight with WiFi Camera Provides Quality, Affordable Security

Momentum is on a roll in its quest to provide peace of mind in the security monitoring field, and doing so affordably. The Aria unit provides 24/7-security so long as it does not lose power. There are a couple of things I thought about in my installation and testing of Aria that might boast useful in future models. First, I would give the lights and camera longer arms and perhaps put an elbow in them to allow for more flexibility in mounting. Second, the backing plate that attaches the metal floodlight/camera unit to the existing electrical box is plastic and I see this as a bit of an Achilles heel. I think this should be metal as well so the unit cannot be knocked down easily by an intruder (and someone up to no good will try to knock it down once they realize they are on camera or if they have done their “homework”). Third, maybe offer some type battery backup module for the camera unit only.

Momentum Aria LED Floodlight with WiFi Camera Provides Quality, Affordable Security

The Momentum Aria LED Floodlight with WiFi Camera is priced at $169.99 and can be found at,, or at The camera image is high quality with good definition to be useful in case it is truly needed after an incident. This is a very good system with expandability of other Momentum units including interior cameras. The Momentum units are a very good affordable alternative to the pricier systems on the market today.

Source: Review sample provided by manufacturer.

What I like: Ease of use and installation; integrates with existing Momentum security system; remote activation of lights and siren.

What can be improved: Would like a stronger backing plate; battery backup for camera module in case of power outage.

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