Ultimate Ears Rolls Out the UE ROLL 2

“Designed to take your music wherever, whenever, UE ROLL 2 is the perfect musical companion for your next adventure.” That’s how Ultimate Ears describes the new UE Roll 2 Bluetooth Speaker. I describe it as a worthy update to one of my favorite portable Bluetooth speakers. It offers all-around improvements AND is under $100!


The UE Roll is a magnificent little speaker. (Read my review about it here!) It’s small, unassuming size belies the loud, impressive sound it puts out. It’s sandwich roll shape shuns the boxy or cylindrical shape of most Bluetooth speakers. And it’s free, downloadable companion app lets you turn the speaker on and off remotely, change the EQ settings, pair two UE Rolls for a stereo pair and much more. Oh, and it is waterproof. And when I write waterproof I don’t mean water-resistant. I mean waterproof. Put it into the Floatie accessory and you have an ideal speaker for pool, lake, or beach. In other words, the speaker looks small and simple but offers huge value.


The UE ROLL 2 keeps everything I love about the UR Roll and build on it. The new speaker is louder; it puts out 15% more sound than its predecessor, and it’s predecessor was already pretty damn loud. It extends the Bluetooth range to a whopping 100 feet. That takes a speaker that was great in the outdoors and makes it even better.


It ships with a Floatie in the box. With its predecessor, the Floatie was an accessory you had to go purchase separately.

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And it’s available in six fun styles including Habanero, Tropical Anime (that’s what I have in hand), Volcano, Atmosphere, Sugarplum, and Reef. (I totally love the look of this speaker.)

Other areas stay the same from the first generation to the second. The UE Roll 2 offers the same portability and versatility as the UE Roll.image

It still offers the same waterproof (IPX 7) design.


It still has the integrated bungee cord loop that makes hanging it from your beach chair a breeze.


And it packs all the new features into the same sleek, disk-shape of UE ROLL without adding extra size or bulk.

As Ultimate Ears explains:

“Whether at the beach or backpacking, UE ROLL 2 brings even more to the party, with 15 percent more sound and an increased wireless range of 100-feet, all while keeping the sleek, disc shape design of the original UE ROLL. Weighing in at just over half a pound, UE ROLL 2 packs in more sound without adding extra size or bulk.”

“UE ROLL 2 is meant to go with you on your next adventure. Equipped with a bungee cord loop, this already small and light speaker is portable and versatile. You can attach it to your backpack, belt loop or bike, so you can take it anywhere and never be without music. It’s waterproof (IPX7 certified), drop-proof and built to withstand a beat up, all while delivering epic sound in the palm of your hand.”

Charlotte Johs, general manager of Ultimate Ears notes:

“Thanks to its bungee cord loop, UE ROLL was our most portable, convenient, on-the-go speaker in the family. No other speaker comes with everything you need to hang it in the shower, float it in the pool or attach it to your bike. UE ROLL 2 delivers all that and more, with improved sound and wireless range, so you can do more of what you love with even more freedom and flexibility.”

Like its predecessor the UE Roll 2 works with the free downloadable app.

The app lets you turn the speaker on and off and control the volume remotely. That’s great if you are using the speaker in a pool and it has floated out of reach. It lets you adjust the equalization using presets or, if you prefer, by creating your own EQ settings.


It leads you pair two UE Roll speakers and create a great-sounding stereo pair. It even offers an alarm so you can know when to roll over while laying in the sun.


I liked the UR Roll when I first reviewed it. With the UE Roll 2, Ultimate Ears added some great new features without removing any of the things that made the original UE Roll a hit. And now that Raina’s and my new home has a pool I have reason to love the speaker line even more. I just paired the two I have and when we have a pool party, they will be rocking the gathering. I’m a fan and have no doubt that by the end of the summer, the UE Roll 2 review sample will have seen a lot of use. That speaks volumes!

The UE Roll 2 is just $99.99 and is available here. (Affiliate Link)

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the UR Roll 2.

What I Like: Integrated bungee; Waterproof; 100-foot range; Louder than everyone; App works great; Can be turned into a stereo pair; Includes Floatie; Sounds great!

What Needs Improvement: Not a thing. This speaker rocks and rolls!

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