UE ROLL Is Another Amazing Bluetooth Speaker From Ultimate Ears!

We’ve reviewed the UE Boom, UE Boom Mini, and UE MegaBoom Bluetooth speakers. Each and everyone one has impressed us with the quality, the durability, and the sound. And each has gotten better over time thanks to OTA updates from Ultimate Ears. Now comes the diminutive, sub-$100 UE ROLL Bluetooth Speaker. It too knocks it (way out!!) out of the park.

UE ROLL Is Another Amazing Bluetooth Speaker From Ultimate Ears!
The UE ROLL is the most affordable speaker yet to make an appearance in the company lineup. And yet, despite an MSRP of just $99, this speaker sounds amazing and packs in great features. That alone makes it worth checking out. Add in the fact that it includes features like the ability to create a stereo pair and it’s IPX7-rated waterproof prowess and you will be hard-pressed to find a better value if you are currently in the market for a Bluetooth speaker.

UE ROLL Is Another Amazing Bluetooth Speaker From Ultimate Ears!
Ultimate Ears explains:

“UE ROLL pumps out insane sound, in every direction, wherever you go. It’s the powerful pint-sized wireless Bluetooth speaker that brings the noise to hidden beaches, cliff jumps, and mountain climbs.”


“UNAPOLOGETICALLY AWESOME SOUND: UE ROLL pumps out loud, crisp sound that shouts through the air with deep bass that busts out incredible beats. Big, beautiful, unapologetically awesome sound.”


“BUILT FOR CRAZY: At Ultimate Ears we love to try and break the things we build. And then to build them again – better. It’s why our wireless speakers continue to set the bar with amazing sound, life-resistance and so much more.”


“UE ROLL is just begging for more adventure. It’s small and lightweight enough to take with you anywhere–and everywhere–leaving you more room for other stuff. Like party supplies. Consider it your own personal sonic Sherpa.”

UE ROLL Is Another Amazing Bluetooth Speaker From Ultimate Ears!
While some Bluetooth speakers sound good when you sit directly in front of them but sound anemic and tinny when you move to one side or the other- not to mention what happens when you are behind the speaker- the UE ROLL is designed to sound great no matter where you are in relationship to it. The 360 degree sound means you can spend more time selecting and then enjoying your music without having to think about where and how you place the speaker. It is a tiny bit of convenience that you will quickly come to love.

That, however, is just the beginning with this small but oh so awesome speaker. You see, the UE ROLL is waterproof. Yes, you read that right, the ROLL sports a waterproof, “life resistant shell.” That means you can “drop it, dunk it, toss it and take your music where it shouldn’t go.” And lest you think that is just marketing-speaker, I tried all of those things and the speaker key on trucking. Thanks to it’s IPX7-rated waterproof prowess the speaker is ready for the beach, the shower, and pretty much anything you can throw at it. This is a speaker that is designed to be taken on the go.

UE ROLL Is Another Amazing Bluetooth Speaker From Ultimate Ears!
As Ultimate Ears explains,

“The messy times are the best times and UE ROLL loves them all. It features a plasma-coated acoustic skin that is waterproof and dirt-proof, so you’ll be ready to party no matter how wet or messy the path gets. And it’s stain resistant, too, so if it gets too dirty just rinse it off and start again.”

In order to make it easier than ever to take a speaker on the go the company designed the speaker with a built-in, marine-grade bungee cord. The cord makes it simple to securely attach the speaker to a range of items and keeps it secure during your adventures. Now you can really enjoy your music pretty much anywhere and know the speaker will be safe.

UE ROLL Is Another Amazing Bluetooth Speaker From Ultimate Ears!
And there’s more. Like the UE BOOM and UE MEGABOOM, if you own two UE ROLL speakers you can double up and create a speaker pair. That will give you bigger sound and true audio separation.

Then there is the Bluetooth range. While many speakers get 33 feet of range at best this speaker serves up a whopping 65 feet of range. For those whose math isn’t so great that is almost double the norm. That’s impressive and means you can enjoy your music and not worry about losing the connection if the source moves a bit too far from the speaker. Plus, the UE ROLL app lets you remotely power off the speaker without having to go up to it. (The app also turns the speaker back on when you want to start listening to the music again.)

UE ROLL Is Another Amazing Bluetooth Speaker From Ultimate Ears!
Other key features include 9 hours of battery life, the ability to use the app to set an alarm so you can wake up to music, and regular updates that add features. And lest you think this is simply a promise that will go unfulfilled, I have been amazed at the features Ultimate Ears has rolled out for their other speakers. They claim the speaker is “future-proof” and they mean it. In addition, the speaker can be used via Bluetooth or with the 3.5mm Aux In input. (You will need to provide the cable.) It also functions as a speakerphone thanks to the built in microphone.

UE ROLL Is Another Amazing Bluetooth Speaker From Ultimate Ears!

Finally, since the UE ROLL is designed to be used in and near water the company is now shipping it with a floatation device that will keep it floating nearby. The Floatie is a promotional item for this summer and it is unclear how long it will be available, but if you order now you will get one!


  • Diameter: 135mm
  • Height: 40mm
  • Weight: 330 g
  • IPX7 rated so the UE ROLL can be immersed in liquid up to 1m for up to 30 minutes.
  • Drivers: One 2” driver and Two ¾” tweeters
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery for up to 9 hours of battery life between Micro USB charges.
  • Charge time: 5.5 hours
  • Pair up to 8 Bluetooth enabled devices – Connect up to two source devices at the same time.
  • Stream to 2 UE ROLLs from one source.
  • Mobile range of play is up to 20m or (65ft).

I wasn’t sure what to think about the UE ROLL when it first arrived. I mean, the speaker is under $100, has an odd shape and it shipped in packaging that is minimalist and inexpensive… i.e. cardboard. Then I read about the speaker and was a bit impressed. Then I turned it on and was blown away. Then I used it in the shower and was even more blown away. This little speaker sounds amazing and it can go pretty much anywhere. I am a huge fan. And I’m not the only one. When I got to Florida Sunday I pulled out the speaker. Raina asked what it was and I told her to wait. I then started playing some music through it. “Wow… just wow!” She said. “I assume you will be giving that speaker a rave review?” “Yes,” I told Raina, “Yes I am.”

Seriously, if you are in the market for a new speaker and don’t want to spend a fortune you should check it out here.

Source: Manufacturer review sample of the UE ROLL Bluetooth speaker

What I Like: Everything!; Great sound; Waterproof; Built-in bungee cord; Amazing range; Works great with the app; Will be updated; Good battery life

What Needs Improvement: Not a damn thing

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