Innergie MagiCable USB-C Connector to Micro USB: Retrofit your Type-C Charging Cable When Needed

Here’s an interesting doo-dad in a long line of USB Type-C related products that we’re seeing these days: this one is the Innergie MagiCable USB-C Connector to Micro USB, and it allows you to charge your MicroUSB devices from a USB Type-C cable.

We’ve all grown so used to microUSB on every device other than ones branded Apple, so it’s hard to picture a time when one port — the Type-C — will work with everything; that day seems to be coming.

Whether you have a MacBook, a newer Android phone, or one of the newer Windows or Linux tablets or a new Type-C fitted battery pack, if you’ve got this MagiCable, you’ve got a solidly-built way to charge your “older” microUSB device.

2-Innergie MagiCable USB-C Connector to Micro USB 3024x4032-001

Cameras, GPS Units, mobile phones, tablets, or any other devices that charge via microUSB, whatever you use — this adapter will allow you to hook that device to any USB Type-C charging cable or battery pack, essentially retrofitting it for microUSB charging capability.

1-Innergie MagiCable USB-C Connector to Micro USB 3024x4032

The MagiCable has a built-in smart chip that “enables automatic detection of connected devices, providing the maximum power output for the fastest possible charging.”

3-Innergie MagiCable USB-C Connector to Micro USB 4032x3024

The 20cm long MagiCable is short enough to keep in your cable bag without taking up any room, and it’s handy enough that you can forget about it until you need it.

The Innergie MagiCable USB-C Connector to Micro USB retails for $14.99, and it is available on Amazon [affiliate link]. 

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Allows you to charge a microUSB device from a Type-C cable; Perfect for retrofitting your new cable to an older microUSB device; One of those things you won’t realize you need until you need it

What Needs Improvement: Nothing



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