Upthere Wants to Make Cloud Storage More Streamlined

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Upthere Wants to Make Cloud Storage More Streamlined Listen to this article

I made a nasty discovery a while back: my iPhone was out of space, and the culprit was Dropbox! I had only three documents downloaded and stored on my phone, but Dropbox was somehow using over 9GB! After a delete and reinstall, the problem was fixed for a while — and then it happened again. Now I’m looking at Upthere.


What makes it different? For one, “Upthere treats the cloud as the primary place to store your stuff without taking up valuable space on your devices. Our goal is to replace your hard drive.”

Upthere is now available to the public on Android, iOS, Mac, Web, and Windows devices. It uses direct-write technology to save directly to the cloud; “there is no need to sync, backup or move files around devices and folders. Because everything is stored in the cloud instantly and automatically, you never have to worry about running out of space on your phone or computer.”

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Upthere is a great place to keep all of your photos, videos, docs and music in their original quality. Upthere has advanced search and storage features so that you can find files in seconds; you can auto-categorize by file type (photo, video, docs, and music). “For example, you can search photos by location or camera; music by artists, album or song; and documents by name or file type.”

I keep a lot of Word and Excel spreadsheets in the cloud, and with Upthere, I can open, edit, and save directly from Upthere Home without downloading and then re-uploading my files.

Give it a try (they are offering a three-month free trial right now), and let me know what you think!


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