Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link: Intelligent Purification, Heat, & Cooling

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Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link: Intelligent Purification, Heat, & Cooling Listen to this article

I use the Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower every day; I keep it running on automatic in my oldest stepdaughter’s room, where it not only keeps her cool, it also keeps her room smelling fresh. I’m in the process of building a new office outside, and so news of the new Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link definitely caught my attention.


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The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link is a purifier and heater; it will provide “fast, even room heating in winter, powerful personal cooling in summer, and intelligent purification all year round.” Just as the Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower does, it will automatically monitor and purify the pollutants it “detects in your home, while simultaneously reporting the live indoor and outdoor air quality to the Dyson Link App.”

Since we spend so much time indoors, and the air pollution inside our homes can be up to five times worse than outside, a good air purifier that can capture pollution, pollen, mold, bacteria, and odors.



Just like the Pure Cool Link Tower, the new Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link purifier & heater uses Dyson’s 360° Glass HEPA filter. “This technology captures 99.97% of potentially harmful particles as small as 0.3 microns – trapping them in the filter and removing them from the air you breathe. It doesn’t stop there; sensors inside the machine detect changes in conditions, before automatically adjusting airflow to maintain the target air quality.”

The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link will keep your room at the target temperature you set, projecting a “powerful stream of purified air, using thermostat heat control and Air Multiplier™ technology – for long-range heat distribution in the winter and a stream of cool air in the summer.”

The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link will cost $599.00, and it will be available on Dyson’s site starting September 6th; it will be in major retailers on September 18th. It comes with a 2-year parts and labor warranty. I hope to have my review up soon after the Hot+Cool Link’s release.

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