SensePeanut: Smart, Inexpensive Life Automation, Starting with the ThermoPeanut is announcing their new ThermoPeanut today, the first in its series of smart sensors called SensePeanut. For those of us who are wondering what a SensePeanut might be, the short answer is that each $29 SensePeanut has its “own set function, task or habit it can monitor.”

ThermoPeanut + smartphone

SensePeanuts are designed to bring people the benefits of smart life automation without the need for costly or complicated solutions. We are thrilled to launch ThermoPeanut as the first in the line. Whether you are monitoring room temperatures, making sure your refrigerator is cooling properly or keeping a server room at an optimal level, ThermoPeanut takes the guess work out of temperature tracking and thanks to integrations with partners such as NEST and IFTTT, allows users to take action when issues arise. – Rafi Haladjian, Founder and CEO of

The ThermoPeanut is available now; it is specifically used for monitoring temperature. Later this year (4th quarter) there will be a SleepPeanut for tracking sleep, a MedPeanut that helps you remember to take your medicine, and a PeanutButton that gives everyday items those “super smart powers”.

App Dashboard

You can use the ThermoPeanut to track the temperatures of any space “including bedrooms, pet kennels, refrigerators, basements, campsites and more.” The SensePeanut is a 2″ long sensor that uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to your iOS or Android mobile devices. “ThermoPeanut can be secured to any surface and the ideal temperate range for the area programmed within the app.”

There are messages given through the app to alert the user “when temperature readings are outside preset norms. Temperature status can also be checked anytime without a device by pressing the ThermoPeanut, which will play a sound to indicate if the space is too hot or cold or within desired levels.”

The ThermoPeanuts’ customizable capabilities include:

  •  Tracking and notification frequency – The frequency of temperature readings and app alerts can be personalized to preference from every three minutes up to one hour.
  • Third party interventions – ThermoPeanuts can connect to both Nest and IFTTT, allowing users to go a step further in creating a connected home, by setting rules so the temperature automatically adjusts based on ThermoPeanut’s readings and the set criteria.
  • Calibration – Users can adjust the measurements of the sensor to make them the most accurate for a tracked environment.
  • Setting options – Through the app, sound alerts can be turned off and on, settings can be reset and collected temperature data can be downloaded and shared.
  • Data exports – It offers unlimited data storage within the secure cloud that can also be exported to excel and CSV files.
  • Multiple devices – Each ThermoPeanut can be paired with multiple smartphones and tablets.
  • Home hubs – As any smartphone or tablet can be used as a hub, ThermoPeanut can provide actionable data and alerts to multiple users even when they are miles from home.

The ThermoPeanut comes with “all necessary accessories including a Peanut holder, self-adhesive tape, key ring and a single, replaceable CR2032 battery that will run for up to six months.” You can get your ThermoPeanut from and from Amazon starting today, and more retailers will be added soon.


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