Moshi Is Already Ahead of the Game with Their iPhone 7 Products

Today has been a GREAT day for Apple, and an even greater day for quality third-party accessory makers like Moshi who have announced their new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus accessory collection for Apple’s latest flagship.

Moshi has officially launched nine cases and three screen protectors that are tailor made for the latest and greatest iPhone 7, including some popular favorites we here at GearDiary have reviewed, including their best sellers, the Armour metal case, the Overture wallet case, and the leatherette “Napa” case.

Known for their hand selected materials, and even more for the products durability and overall looks, sporting features like colored aluminum and water resistant vegan leather, Moshi’s cases bridge the gap between military-grade protection and damn good looks.

The cases Moshi has available for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus include:unspecified-2

Armour Metal Case ($40) the best seller mentioned above, has colored brushed aluminum and military-grade drop protection and is available this month.unspecified-5

iGlaze Hardshell Case ($30) is the slim case you need that not only protects from scratches, but had excellent shock absorption for drops and is available for purchase this month.unspecified-6

Overture Wallet Case ($45) is the wallet case that has slots for not only cards, but cash, and not features a premium water-resistant leather exterior and is available this month.unspecified-3

The Napa Leatherette Case ($45) has military-grade protection, but doesn’t lose it’s cool factor as it has a vegan leather inset with a sleek aluminum band.

Moshi’s XT Clear Transparent ($30) hardshell case is one of the thinnest on the market at 1mm in size, all while offering ample scratch protection.

Are you tired of fingerprints on your iPhone? Say no more as Moshi has their iPouch Plus Microfiber Pouch which frees your smartphone from dust, smears and those inevitable fingerprints.

The Kameleon Kickstand Case ($50) is everything you think you’d get out of a high-grade aluminum kickstand that has the same drop protection you’d expect from the Armour Metal case and will be available in October 2016.

Moshi’s Luxe Metal Bumper Case protects the outer frame of your iPhone 7 with an aircraft-grade aluminum which is perfect for those of you who prefer to go caseless, but still want just a little bit of protection, and will be available in November 2016.

If you’re a fan of folio cases, you’ll be happy to know Moshi will have their SenseCover folio case ($45) ready in November of this year, which brings features like Moshi’s signature touch-sensitive folio case which uses SensArray pads in order to answer calls, check the time, and even swipe off alarms without even opening the cover!

But what about your home screen?!

Moshi thought of this as well as they announced their IonGlass ($40), Airfoil Glass ($25) and iVisor AG ($25). The IonGlass is Moshi’s new curved, atomically strengthened glass screen protector that offers edge-to-edge protection, featuring a micro-bevel around the home button for fast unlocking via Touch ID. While the AirFoil Glass is compatible with every case on the market. One thing to add is that the AirFoil Glass features adhesive which will eliminate any air bubbles while applying. Finally the iVisor, which is guaranteed to be 100 percent bubble free, Moshi’s matte plastic screen protector also gives edge-to-edge protection and can be reapplied over and over again.

All of Moshi’s products can be purchased directly from Moshi, but if you’re on the go, you can pick them up at your local AT&T, Best Buy, Sprint and T-Mobile. For more information about Moshi’s iPhone 7 line, head over to Moshi today!

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