The Dart Laptop Charger Helped Me Ditch the Brick

If you are a laptop user, and hate toting around the same old power brick that takes over way too much space (not just in your bag but in your outlet), then you should check out the FINsix Dart.


After stopping past their booth at CES 2016, I was actually pretty excited to find out that the FINsix corporation launched their Dart today, and we had the opportunity to check it out. Labeled as the world’s smallest laptop charger, I was lucky enough to get myself a model that worked for my MacBook Air (which is not available for purchase currently), and I love it. In comparison to my MacBook charger, the Dart at only 60 grams in size, is way less bulky, but serves multiple features. Outside of the ability to give you 65W of power, the Dart also comes with nine different connectors, or “tips”  for various makes of laptops.

Compared to the Apple brick, it's way lighter in size.

But one big thing that I love about the FINsix Dart is that it also has its own complimentary USB port to allow you to charge your tablet or smartphone. While I use a cable with three different cables (you can purchase here) the Dart actually charges them all equally fast. On a recent trip where the hotel had limited outlets, I was able to charge my iPad Pro, MacBook, and iPhone simultaneously.

Since the cable for the Dart is six feet long, it was nice to be able to stretch it out across the bed to do some articles for the site comfortably. Also compared to Apple’s white brick with white cable, it doesn’t show any wear at all which isn’t necessarily a bonus to some but is for me.

“The reality is that all modern electronics still come with a clunky AC/DC power converter that is really inconvenient to carry. Dart eliminates the bulk, making it easy to throw in a pocket and have on hand when you need it most,” says Vanessa Green, FINsix CEO. “With Dart, we aim to lighten your load and provide a sleek, universal charging accessory that fits perfectly into your mobile lifestyle.”

While the Dart is compatible with all popular PC brands, including those that use USB Type-C, they are working to get models to work with Apple Products in the near future. Available for $99, you can purchase online at FINsix’s web page, or in stores such as Staples, Brookstone, Fry’s, Micro Center, and B&H.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Portability is unmatched compared to Apple’s standard, as well as standard laptop chargers.

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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