Zagg iFrogz Wireless Earbuds Offer Quality and Value in the New Wireless World

If you are a consumer with plans to purchase one of the new smart devices coming onto the market with no headphone jack, iFrogz has you covered. They recently released a new lineup of Bluetooth earbuds so you will never miss a beat from your new phone. We tested the iFrogz Plugz and iFrogz Impulse wireless earbuds.

Zagg is releasing the iFrogz lineup this month to bring sound quality and value to the new wireless world of portable audio. Four new products are under $40 each and are designed to deliver quality sound via Bluetooth wireless technology. They boast up to 10 hours of operation on a single charge and are designed to be sweat resistant while offering a limited lifetime warranty.

Zagg iFrogz Wireless Earbuds Offer Quality and Value in the New Wireless World

The iFrogz wireless earbuds are connected to a Bluetooth receiver that features a magnetic clip. The Plugz earbuds are the base units, and the wired version has been one of the top-selling models in the U.S. for the past several years, according to Zagg. They feature 9mm drivers for full-range sound and offer the best value in the new iFrogz lineup. We found them to be a great set of earbuds for most types of music and spoken word offering clarity and comfort in the ear. They list for $19.99 at Amazon.


The Impulse wireless earbuds feature an advanced audio technology called Reflective Acoustics by Zagg. They utilize 11mm drivers that reflect sound off an internal chamber to deliver an audio experience with accurate tonal balance, more even dispersion, natural clarity, and an overall richer dynamic range, thereby resulting in a better listening experience. I tested the Impulse units using my lineup of pure digital audio that I use for all audio equipment I review. I found the iFrogz Impulse earbuds bring a more natural sound to vocals and instruments with no distortion, and they were very comfortable to wear. The Impulse earbuds are $39.99 MSRP.

Zagg iFrogz Wireless Earbuds Offer Quality and Value in the New Wireless World

I found both sets of iFrogz wireless earbuds to stay in my ears no matter what my body movements were. This has been a problem I have had with factory earbuds supplied with my smart devices over the years, but the iFrogz fit well, are comfortable, and stay in my ears.

They also offer very good sound and music reproduction. If you listen to a great variety of music, I recommend the Impulse earbuds, and you will never regret spending the extra 10 bucks. The flexible magnetic clip works very well to keep the receiver unit attached to clothing and holds the earbud wires when the device is not in use. Each box includes a micro USB charging cable and extra sets of ear insert attachments for the perfect fit of the iFrogz earbuds.

All iFrogz wireless earbuds offer communication and audio controls via the Wireless Hub. The long raised and recessed buttons on the face of the hub control such functions as volume up and down and next track or previous track. The round center button controls power on/off and phone functions. The microphone is located at the end of the wireless hub opposite the charging input.

The new iFrogz lineup also includes Charisma earbuds designed with a more ergonomic fit for women and Summit wireless earbuds for the more active folks, as it features a soft, secure-fit wing to help hold the earbuds in place.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

Likes: Comfortable fit; ideal sound quality; sweat resistant; three sizes of ear inserts with each kit.

What Needs Improvement: Cannot find anything lacking.

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